Rideshare Accidents Complicated For Victims

The growing use of ride-sharing services in the US is not surprising, considering the immense benefits they extend to passengers. Commuting is far more convenient as you can enjoy the ride without worrying about the heavy traffic and parking hassles.

Moreover, sharing rides with other passengers enables you to commute at a fraction of the cost of driving your own car or taking a cab alone. But rideshare accidents are a concern for victims as compensation claims get more complex than a typical car mishap.

The involvement of multiple parties and insurance companies makes claims more daunting than you imagine. Let us explain a few key facts to help you understand the basics of seeking compensation as a rideshare accident victim.

Rideshare company insurance does not always kick in

Liability is the most significant question in such accidents because you cannot always hold the rideshare company liable for them. So the company is not necessarily obligated to pay only because the accident took place in a vehicle using the app.

Here are the circumstances that make it liable for the mishap. For example, its insurance will kick in if the accident took place when the rideshare driver was transporting a passenger.

Likewise, it will apply when a driver has an accident driving en route after accepting a ride or while waiting for a passenger. Accidents involving drivers not logged into the app do not come under the coverage of corporate liability insurance policies.

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Multiple parties are involved

A typical car accident involves two licensed drivers or entities (unless it was a multi-vehicle collision), so the insurance amount is relatively simple to calculate. But a rideshare mishap can include multiple parties, leading to complexities in insurance coverage calculations. The parties may include the following-

  • The rideshare driver
  • The passenger(s)
  • Pedestrians
  • Other motorists
  • Passenger(s) accompanying other motorists
  • A car manufacturer
  • A municipality

Considering these complexities, victims must go the extra mile to ensure compensation for their injuries. You must speak with a rideshare accident lawyer because they have the right expertise to handle these cases. They ensure that you get your fair share of compensation despite other parties involved in the mishap.

Negotiations and claims with several providers are complicated

The involvement of multiple parties in a rideshare mishap brings several insurance companies into the picture. These include the rideshare company’s group insurance, at-fault driver’s personal car insurance, and your personal car insurance.

As a victim, you may find yourself negotiating or filing claims with these insurers. It can cause confusion regarding whether to accept their settlement offers. Moreover, you may be apprehensive about the right person to contact to file a claim.

The uncertainty can be overwhelming, and injuries make the situation even worse. There are chances of falling for a lowball offer. Moreover, you may have unrealistic expectations about getting a huge payout from the rideshare company, but it seldom materializes. The best option is to let an expert legal professional assist you with the claim process instead of handling it on your own.

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Ensure proper reports and evidence for the accident

Like any other road mishap, you will need proper reports and evidence to establish your claim about a rideshare accident. Robust evidence increases the probability of receiving compensatory damages you deserve. When the mishap takes place, ensure that nothing goes unreported.

Get a copy of the police report when they are at the accident spot because it is one of the most valuable pieces of evidence. Do your bit by noting details regarding the driver and license numbers of the vehicles involved. You can also take pictures of the scene and your injuries to add value to the claim.

Also, get witness accounts and details as you may need to connect with them later to testify in court. You will also need medical records of your injuries and treatment as with regular car accident claims. Every piece of evidence is crucial because your attorney can use it to build a narrative of the incident.

Although there are several incidents of victims getting massive payouts in rideshare mishaps, there is no guaranteed outcome for them. Everything boils down to the unique circumstances in your case. The best way to maximize your chances of optimal compensation is by hiring a specialist lawyer to handle these claims.

Look for someone with relevant experience because these claims are far more complex than regular car accident cases. Having an expert looking into the case takes you a step closer to the compensation you deserve.

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