Visa Sponsorship Licence

What is a Visa Sponsorship Licence: Types of sponsorship licences

A visa sponsorship licence is needed by any business who wants to employ someone from outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. A licence is needed whether the employee will be doing paid or unpaid work. Why do businesses need a sponsorship licence? It is essential to obtain a sponsorship licence if you want […]

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Overstaying in the United States

Overstaying in the United States – How to Acquire Immigration Relief As an Inadmissible Visa Applicant

The U.S. Entry Waiver is a temporary visa application that, if approved, grants a person a temporary legal waiver of inadmissibility for the United States. It permits people who might be otherwise denied access to and passage through the United States the chance to travel abroad. Some of these legal waivers have provisions for people […]

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