Trucking Accident

There are several mistakes that victims make in the aftermath of an accident that has caused them to lose their cases and a chance for proper compensation. Oftentimes, they are innocent mistakes made in ignorance.

Other times, the victim really should have known better. Either way, people need to understand that certain actions, inactions, and statements can give the perpetrators an upper hand and be used against them, thus costing them a chance at justice.

It is always wise to have a good lawyer to advise one on what to do, what not to do, and how to act in the aftermath of a trucking accident.

Here are a few points to note.

Never Leave the Scene of An Accident Before Law Enforcement Arrives.

Unless the victim needs immediate medical attention, it is highly unwise to leave the scene of a trucking accident before law enforcement arrives. Everything can go wrong if this happens. It can be seen as an admission of fault and running away from the scene.

Asides from that, there could be evidence tampering. If the victim is not there to keep an eye on the situation before law enforcement arrives, the scene could be contaminated and witness statements could be changed and manipulated.

Worse still, it is actually against the law and one could face criminal penalties for it. The thing to do is wait for the cops. While doing that, exchange information with the other driver if able. Take pictures, collect witness statements and ensure nothing is tampered with.

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Watch What You Say.

This is another major way claimants lose out on big payouts if any. Saying too much can cost a person justice either by implicating them or by giving their opponent ammunition against them. Truck accident victims are advised to give just enough information to the police and save the rest for their lawyers.

This is because they often lack the skillset to know and filter what is needed and what should be retained until conferment with their legal representatives. Saying too much can lead the accused party, the police, and even the courts to determine the accident was the victim’s fault instead.

Simple statements can be misinterpreted or even manipulated. Answers to questions should be short and straightforward. Avoid embellishment s and emotional outbursts. This is even more important when speaking to insurance adjusters. Avoid speaking directly to them at all costs. Always do so with a truck accident lawyer present. It protects from manipulation and misrepresentation of facts.

Keep Track of Accident-Related Expenses.

In the days following a truck accident, victims are advised to keep track of all accident-related injuries. However, this is often not what happens. Victims are often careless with this very crucial documentation process. Whenever they present injury claims, they often cannot prove it because they do not have the evidence of medical expenses to back up their claims.

Accident-related expenses go a long way to boost compensation figures. These should also be backed by credible and undisputed medical records. The purpose is to help back up all injury claims and support demands for compensation.

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Every bill whether for physiotherapy, prescription drugs, medical tests, and hospital stay should be properly documented. They should all be put together and presented at the negotiation table.


There are several other unnecessary mistakes that victims make when in trucking accidents. However, with more awareness on the matter and taking good legal counsel, more people will understand and be more careful in the future.

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