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5 Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer

May 26, 2022

As you know, to run the smooth affairs of the world, laws, and regulations are inevitable. No one is above the law in a civilized society. You may face many difficulties in your life where you take support of the law to avoid them. If you are working somewhere else, you need an employment lawyer. […]

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The Common Employment Lawsuits An Attorney Can Help You Navigate

October 20, 2021

Employment lawsuits are cases against employers and businesses concerning the infringement of an employee’s rights. Deciding to file an employment lawsuit can be scary, challenging, and overwhelming, but an employment lawyer can help you get through it. Some employers and their legal teams are good at avoiding responsibility for their actions, but employment lawyers know […]

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Employment Law

Condonation in Employment Law: Key Points for Employer

September 10, 2021

Generally, employers do not have to pay severance pay or provide a notice period to the employees if they are being terminated for “just cause”. This includes insubordination or incompetence which is considered a serious act of misconduct in an organization. Contrary to this, what would happen if the employer has forgiven the act of […]

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How To Calculate Severance Pay?

August 11, 2021

Severance pay, also known as ‘severance package’ or ‘severance agreement’, refers to the sum of money an employer must pay their employee when the employee is dismissed due to no personal fault or error. The main objective of paying employees a severance pay is to allow them to cater to their immediate, day-to-day financial needs […]

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