Lenny and Larry Cookie Lawsuit

Lenny Cookie Lawsuit

One of the more amusing things that has been going on over the past few months has been the Lenny and Larry Cookie lawsuit. Both Lenny and Larry, his dog, fell off a chair and met with an unfortunate accident. When they refused to allow their dog to remain there, they were told that if they did not leave the furniture they would be subject to a discrimination lawsuit. They never intended on telling anyone this story until one day they were served with a lawsuit.

Lenny and Larry Cookie Lawsuit

The story of the lawsuit itself is one that has amused many people. It is easy to laugh at how ridiculous this whole situation is. In one instance, the owner of a fast food restaurant had a sign posted in his window that said no dogs allowed. Naturally, none of the customers in the area wanted to upset the owners of the establishment so they decided to do what was necessary in order to stay on good terms with the management.

What happened next is one of the more amazing parts of the story.

Several months later, the same dog that fell off of the chair and hit the young couple on the floor, returned to the same location and sat down again. He actually returned to the same spot and sat down again. He actually came back to the table where the couple had been sitting before in order to eat, and then he proceeded to jump up and down off of the chair multiple times.

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This is when the lawsuit was filed in the courts. It is unknown what happened to the dog during this time, but one thing is for certain. After the owner of the restaurant saw the dog in an extremely negative light, he had a change of heart and no longer wanted to discriminate against the couple. Instead, he invited them back to his restaurant whenever they wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Is this story farfetched? It certainly appears that way from the stand off that took place in the hallway between the reception and the first class dinner. The “cute” dog is one that definitely did not have the temperament to fit in with the other diners. He also re-enacted the accident, which could be considered dangerous behavior, and probably acted out in a protective manner. In addition, the dog was wearing a pink shirt at the time.

This incident took place at a very critical time for the couple and their attorney.

They were about to enter into what many refer to as the sweet sixteen deal, which has the potential to make them millions of dollars if they win. The lawsuit would have been thrown out if it were not for one thing. The restaurant’s owner had no insurance, and had no liability.

Insurance companies are notorious for putting out fraudulent lawsuits all of the time.

This particular lawsuit was no different. Even though the restaurant owner could not be found liable, he was found guilty of discrimination. Since the owners were young children at the time, the judgment was handed down to them by the court and they were forced to pay the damages. This included monetary fees and legal expenses.

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It was at this point in time that the Cookie Monster decided to try to have the lawsuit thrown out due to lack of merit. His motion was denied by the court on the grounds that there were no damages due to his actions. As expected, the “Cookie Monster” paid his lawyer and moved forward with his case. Sadly, this story does not end there. A few months later, his appeal was denied yet again, this time by the Third Circuit of Appeals. This has left the couple with no other choice but to file again with the same outcome.

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