Slip and Fall

You are certainly not alone if you’ve found yourself injured in a slip and fall accident. One of the reasons for emergency room visits is slip and fall accidents that have caused productivity loss, income loss, and pain for those who have been through such phases. As a victim of slip and fall injury, it can be challenging to know how to address it or seek compensation, mainly because many injuries can also take time to heal.

However, if you land yourself in that situation and fear that your medical bills are mounting up while wishing you could get back on your feet again, you must know that often these cases aren’t impossible to win, so don’t give up yet.

You only need to find a personal injury law firm in your city for help. Since they possess extensive expertise, experience, and knowledge about everything related to such events, the chances of winning a case in favor of the victims become high. Someone like Duffy and Duffy Law Firm can be helpful in these matters. Before this, let’s find out common injuries in slip and fall accidents.

Damaged knee

Knee damage can be a big problem as these are pretty complicated structures consisting of bone and ligaments. Some injuries to your knees may include tears to your MCL or ACL, which can be bad enough. Still, you could also displace your patella or experience some other form of knee-related trauma that requires intense physical therapy and pain medications to heal. Sometimes, even expensive surgeries can be the only option.

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Broken bones

Bones can break, particularly if you suffer a fall or other injury that puts extreme pressure on them. Wrist, hip, and ankle fractures are the most common incidents of broken bones in slip and fall accidents. These injuries may be more likely if you are aging, but don’t let your age or health affect your claim for financial recovery at the time of the accident.

Regardless of your vitality at any particular time, you have a right to fair compensation for all your unique injuries, no matter what they contain and how they impact you personally.

Brain injury

Slip and fall events can also cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI), whether or not your head strikes the ground. After getting injured in a slip and fall, you may not realize the extent of your injuries and continue with activities that exacerbate them. Like any other traumatic injury, you must recognize and treat this damage to avoid increased injury or harm.

Traumatic brain injuries need time to heal, but severe complications can occur months down the line when left untreated. You can speak with a doctor who’s specifically trained in dealing with these sorts of situations to define the extent of any damage caused and get a plan of action that will help you as much as possible.

The possible scenarios are spine and nerve damage, soft tissue damage, head injuries, muscle pulls, and others. Anyway, most of these can affect your quality of life and finances. Hence, it is better to hire a lawyer specializing in personal injury to win the damage claim.

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