Stay Safe on the Highways

Road accidents happen in every country, mostly on highways, and kill more people than certain diseases do. Highway accidents are more critically appalling due to high speeding. Highway accidents account for comparatively greater death rates and fatal injuries. The unexpectedness of road accidents is what emphasizes the greater need for observance of certain rules.

The fatality rate due to road accidents is not uncontrollable, but it requires certain preventive measures to be adopted. Bikes, cars, trucks, and the vehicles of interstate removalists can be involved in a road crash, and the reason could be even a trivial one. The majority of the accidents are due to the carelessness of the drivers and pedestrians while the rest are unexpected accidents. Following are the major leading causes of road accidents around the world which might cause considerable damage to oneself and others too.

Disregarding the Law

Law exists to ensure a secure lifestyle and to protect individual civil rights. Disregarding the law brings several troubles for one’s self and others as well. Not following general traffic signals, street laws and driving principles are still one of the major causes of many minor and major accidents as well. Many drivers do not pay heed to essential driving rules and end up meeting an accident. Some drivers forget to signal before taking turns and changing lanes.

Not signaling imposes a greater risk of danger for other drivers. Many crashes occur simply because drivers do not consider turning signals on while taking turns, causing other vehicles to continue with their normal speed and banging into a crash. Pedestrians are equally required to abide by pedestrian safety laws. Jaywalking causes a lot of traffic strain and frequently results in road accidents. You can also share your experiences at “Car accident lawyers at story law group”.

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Neglecting the Seatbelt

A prevailing cause of road accidents is not following the preventive measures for mishaps on road, like wearing a seatbelt. The importance of a seatbelt is highly crucial and is a big reason why certain avoidable injuries are caused during an accident. Wearing a seatbelt is not only recommended for the driver but also for fellow passengers as well.

Especially if one is traveling with children, it is advisable to check the seatbelts of their car seats. Wearing a seat belt reduces the impact of the shock if one gets involved in an accident, prevents major injuries, or might prevent any accident at all.

High Speeding

High speeding kills! All of us must have seen this written somewhere on roads and it is true. High-speed driving is the leading cause of deadly road accidents. Most of the accidents due to high speeding occur on highways where every driver is in the desire to surpass other drivers’ speed. It usually results in brutal crashes which leads to death certainty on spot 90% of the time. By over-speeding, a driver not only risks his own life but also the life of other people on the road and in other vehicles around him.

The accident is expected to be more terrible if both vehicles involved had been over-speeding. It can affect the rest of the traffic as well. Thereby, causing a dangerously large-scale accident. High speeding on bikes or bike racing is also tremendously dangerous since high-speed bikes are more liable to lose their balance and get crashed into nearby cars, people, or even a tree.

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Abstracted Driving

Inattentiveness to the surroundings also leads to disastrous road accidents. Sometimes, a driver forgets to check the blind spots, rearview mirror, or simply an animal on the road and it contributes to several life-threatening mishaps. Unawareness and negligence of a driver increase the vulnerability of accidents involving the driver and the others around him as well.

Slippery Roads

If you continue with your high or even regular speed on a rainy or snowy day, the chances of meeting an accident are greater. Wet roads offer less friction and elevate the possibility of sliding and skidding the wheels on the surface. Many drivers do not consider wet surfaces as dangerous since they trust their vehicle’s brake system a lot. But it is highly risky not to slow down during rainy days since there is a terrible possibility of bumping into other vehicles.

Aggressive Overtaking

Young drivers usually like to over-speed and turn aggressive when someone tries to overtake them. They become personal and passionate about winning the overtaking game and neglect the fact that their shallowness can inflict serious threats to themselves and others.  Staying patient, while driving is of utmost significance while losing your temper, can involve you in various complicated situations which can be avoided by having complete control of your actions.

Driving while Being Drunk

Drunk driving is one of the worst things a driver could do on the road! It is so fatal that driving while being drunk is completely illegal in all countries around the world. Even if you don’t completely pass out of drinking, driving is only safe when you are completely sober. But several drivers still negate the law and take the risk of driving in a drunken state.

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The unconscious state after drinking does not allow the driver to be aware of his surroundings and the chances of meeting an accident become 10 times greater. A drunken state also makes the consumer dizzy and sleepy, thus making him lose control over the steering and brakes. So, it is better not to drive on your own and ask for a lift from a friend when drunk.

Apart from the above reasons, road accidents can also be due to the internal faults of the vehicles of which the driver is unaware. So, it is always better to get your automobile checked at least once a month to prevent any possible accident that can harm you or anyone around you on the road.

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