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If you’re like many Hamiltonians who’ve decided your home needs some upgrades now that you’re working from home, or you’re selling it for bigger digs, there are plenty of ways to refresh your home’s look without breaking the bank.

But before you start any work, consult a real estate agent first to ensure you aren’t ignoring major issues that are keeping your home below market value in favor of cosmetic fixes. And don’t forget there are options other than brick and mortar law firms when looking for a Hamilton real estate lawyer. Online legal services are more affordable and convenient.

With that, here are a few cost-effective home improvements that will make you feel like you’re in a new home!

In the Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are generally known as one of the improvements that return the most money of your investment at resale. Replacing everything plus the kitchen sink is certainly not cost-effective. But replacing appliances that have to go with used versions from a recycling centre or thrift shop can be. So can esthetic changes such as:

  • Replacing countertops with stylish alternatives to premium countertop materials or using that premium stone for Islands and the cost-effective material for the perimeter.
  • Painting, adding peel-and-stick wood products, or removing cabinet doors to give them a more modern look.
  • Changing the backsplash. It doesn’t need a lot of material so you can add some elegant stone or go with more affordable ceramic or glass.
  • Adding a movable island. If you have the room and desire for an island in your kitchen, try a high table with barstools or a movable cabinet.
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Rooms and Hallways

If it’s been a while or your walls are still eggshell, painting them can be from floor to ceiling of the same color on every wall, patterns, accent walls, or other alternatives. Painting is an excellent way to brighten up dark areas and tight spaces.

Speaking of light, if there’s a section of a hallway, bathroom or any area of your home without a window where’d you like one for more natural light, consider different types of light fixtures and bulbs that can mimic sunlight, like LED lamps.

Adding crown moulding is another DIY fix that can be done cost-effectively while giving your home a more elegant, sophisticated look.

Cleaning up the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another popular choice for home improvement projects that can easily start adding up if you’re not careful.

The key is not to change the floor plan or otherwise mess with the plumbing and electrical.

Like a kitchen, you can reface cabinets or replace countertops, faucets, and fixtures. Just be careful not to make the bathroom drastically different than the rest of the home.

Caulking Protects Your Home

If you’ve noticed a draft around a window, take a look at both the interior and exterior as they may just need caulking. You and potential buyers will feel warmer and better about the energy bills.

Mould, mildew, and water damage can easily cause a bathroom to lower the value of a home. Replacing the caulking around the tub, sinks, and faucets can freshen up a bathroom or add the finishing touches to work just completed.

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