We live in an era of startups and entrepreneurship, with more companies emerging than ever before. With so much competition in the business landscape, there’s also a growing need for lawyers, as companies often require legal counsel to get all the compliance, permissions, and facts necessary to operate within the boundaries of the law.

Even if you’re a savvy entrepreneur with marvellous business ideas, you need to execute them through proper channels to ensure the longevity of your company, and that’s where lawyers come in.

Today we’ll talk about all the benefits of having a dedicated lawyer for your business.

Attorneys can litigate and arbitrate

When someone hears the word “lawyer” or “attorney,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a courtroom. Yes, lawyers can help you file suits against other companies or defend your business, like in the headlines we’re seeing a lot of press around the  CBI vs. Figs lawsuit, perhaps an in house attorney would be able to help prevent practices that often lead to litigation. Although the court room is where you imagine lawyers spending time, this isn’t the only thing they do.

They have the skills to run a trial and represent your organization and its interests, but more importantly, business attorneys will help you prevent trials and expose your organization to the public. In short, they ensure you don’t have any legal liabilities that could result in a trial.

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They help you form and register your organization

No matter what type of business you plan on starting – whether in sports, education, or real estate – a good lawyer can always help you form your business.

Every new business needs specific documents required by regulatory bodies, and lawyers know the whole process and can instantly tell you what documents, regulatory compliance, or tax requirements your business must have. It’s especially important when opening a business that deals with sensitive information, substances, etc.

Negotiating and drafting contracts

Business lawyers know how to draft contracts that companies need when dealing with partners, clients, suppliers, or employees. They can help create contracts that protect the interests of your business while also being suitable for the other parties involved.

When entering an important business arrangement, you must ensure clear and fair terms, protection in case of contract breach, and overall security. Lawyers can review all the terms and see whether that contract is actually acceptable for your business.

Most importantly, they can tell you what your obligations are and point out if any loopholes within the contract could be exploited to damage your business.

They can protect your intellectual property

Businesses that create designs or products need to protect their property. Inventions, original work, logos, designs, devices, and other properties are essential trade secrets that give value to your business. Protecting these assets is critical, especially when there’s so much competition.

This property might require copyright protection, patenting, or trademarking. These things are highly specific and must be reviewed thoroughly to ensure nobody is using or abusing your property.

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For example, if you’re working with another business and entering an agreement, they must agree to specific disclosure to protect your exposed property. Without the proper protection, someone might steal your hard work and claim it’s their own.

Attorneys and due diligence

Lawyers have an important role in commercial transactions, especially regarding acquisitions. Due diligence is essential for all purchases, especially if they will affect the business for many years. When acquiring a company, you want to make a profit in the long or short term while minimizing all risks and exposure.

Lawyers can go through tons of documents, statutes, licenses, permits, and tax numbers to figure out potential risks, identify them, and adjust their approach to reduce liability. They have the necessary knowledge to investigate and review all the details.

Lawyers give owners peace of mind

Running a business is a challenging task. There are many factors at play and people involved in the whole organization. Key players are often overwhelmed and stressed out because of their work, which can affect their decision-making – after all, we are all human.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have someone impartial on your side with a fresh outlook on things. Lawyers aren’t emotionally invested in your business and will look at the facts before doing anything else. At the same time, they are obligated to keep your business plans and information confidential and work in your best interest.


Having reliable legal counsel is one of your best business investments. Find an attorney you can trust with the necessary industry expertise and experience. These are just some of the most important reasons why your business needs a dedicated legal representative, but there are dozens of other business aspects they can help you improve as well.

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