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Your DUI conviction is a matter of public record. As such, it will be reflected in your criminal background, credit records, insurance history, and driver’s license history. If you are convicted of a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania, it will always stay on your record unless you have it expunged or are given limited access relief.

When a conviction of a DUI in Pennsylvania occurs, the state updates your record in the NHTSA’s National Driver Register, which will reflect the details of the offense. Since it can affect many things in your life, you may want to work with a DUI lawyer in Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, or Chester County to get it expunged.

How a DUI on Your Record Affects You

A DUI conviction on your permanent record can cause an array of troubles, even if it is your only conviction. Your DUI will affect your potential for employment, securing housing, and your auto insurance rates.

Potential for Employment

When looking for work or attempting to change jobs, your potential employer will likely perform a background check. There are many companies that cannot hire those convicted of DUI, while many of them will use it as grounds to dismiss your consideration.

Jobs that require interaction with children, government positions, and those that require employees to operate company vehicles are just a few examples. In some fields, such as real estate, you may not be able to obtain the professional license required for the position.

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Securing Housing

If you need to find a new place to live. In that case, many property managers and landlords will also request a criminal history and a credit check before approving a rental application. With a DUI conviction on your record, they may deny you based on these grounds.

Higher Auto Insurance Rates

When you have a DUI conviction on your record, your car insurance rates will rise. They will likely double compared to those who have a clean driving record.

Just one DUI conviction in Pennsylvania will affect the rest of your life. It will affect personal and financial matters, which is why you may want to consider a DUI lawyer to have it expunged.

What to Know About Having Your DUI Expunged

According to the PA Bar Association, there are limited circumstances where you can have your DUI expunged. You can apply to be accepted into the Pennsylvania Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program though you must complete it successfully to have your DUI expunged.

As part of the ARD program, you may be required to perform community service and complete a substance abuse program. If applicable, you may need to make restitution to the victims. You’ll also be supervised by the ARD department in the county where you received your DUI.

A DUI that was dismissed before or after a bench or jury trial can also be expunged. The Pennsylvania expungement law that went into effect in November 2016 states that a DUI conviction can be granted limited access status. This means that only law enforcement and other state agencies can access this information.

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How to Get a DUI Expunged

To get your DUI expunged in Pennsylvania, you must meet every requirement established in Pennsylvania Statute § 9122. There are no guarantees that the court will grant you this request.

However, working with an experienced DUI lawyer in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and throughout Greater Philadelphia can help you navigate the process. You don’t have to fight alone to get your DUI expunged and move forward in a positive direction.

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