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When it comes to the legal industry, translations span a variety of documents. Legal translators have to be flexible and informed to be able to meet their clients’ needs when creating accurate translations under tight deadlines.

But what does a legal translator really do? If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of projects they handle, keep scrolling. Here are some of the popular documents that require professional legal translation from an accredited legal translation agency.


At the heart of every business deal, partnership, or sale, there’s a contract. This written document is an agreement between two parties that stipulates the rights and obligations accepted by those who sign, and it’s legally binding.

Breach of contract can come with severe consequences. You may be taken to court, have to pay fines, or face some other punishment — not to mention some breaches could harm your reputation.

With so much at stake, it’s crucial you understand every line of the contract, even if it’s written in a foreign language.

In international business dealings where this may be the case, you’ll need to partner with a legal translation company. You can trust their legal translators to convert these agreements with the greatest accuracy before you sign them.


Perhaps the most popular Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in the recent news are those used by former President Trump. In 2021, a US federal judge ruled the NDAs signed by Trump’s employees were void.

Away from splashy headlines, NDAs are common, legally binding contracts used by a variety of people and entities spanning most industries — from investments to healthcare. These contracts outline confidential information that can’t be shared beyond the signing parties.

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In international business agreements, these NDAs may need to be translated into the appropriate language before any party can sign with informed consent.


Do you need to submit a translated document for court or arbitration? A professional legal translator can transpose the text into the operating language of your trial or tribunal, making sure it’s a faithful reflection of the original.

These translators may also convert foreign language documents back into the language your team speaks.

If an international tribunal itself is conducted in a foreign language, legal translation companies can provide interpreters or transcriptions, too.


For businesses, a foreign language licencing agreement may come into play if you allow another company to use your brand, trademark, or other copyrighted information — or vice versa.

If this agreement crosses borders, you may need a legal translator to create a licensing agreement in the appropriate language.

Translating licences is also a common practice in immigration law. If you’re planning to apply for a work visa, permanent residency, or citizenship, you may have to present your driver’s licence or marriage licence to the immigration authority.

A certified legal translator should be involved in this step, even if you can speak the language of the country you wish to visit. In many cases, it’s a requirement of immigration paperwork. That’s because certified translation services ensure these translated documents meet standards and are free of errors.

A Legal Translation Agency Specialises in it All

Contracts, NDAs, evidence, and licences — these represent just four examples of the types of documents that translators cover. But there are many more projects that span international, criminal, civil, and commercial law.

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An established legal translation agency will have a roster of experienced legal translators specialising in these common documents.

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