Personal Injury Lawyer

Many accident victims have heard all the rumors about how you are just throwing your money away if they hire a personal injury attorney. After all, they take a large percentage of your award, right? And how does it save time? I mean, I am injured and cannot work, so what else do I have to do? And how could they possibly get me more money?

Personal injury attorneys are experts at what they do. Just like you wouldn’t go to a kidney doctor for a broken arm, personal injury lawyers are experts in that legal specialty. Personal injury lawyers have the experience to know what your case is worth and how to fight for the most compensation for your case. While your attorney fights for you, you can concentrate on recovery.

Save time.

Regardless if your injury is due to a slip and fall, auto accident, or other injury-causing accident that was not your fault, it is always important to know that it takes time to gather evidence, review medical reports and prepare a case. Even if your case never goes to court, there are still meetings and negotiations that require preparation and experience. Many times an experienced personal injury attorney can bypass some of the proceedings or can streamline negotiations by having the case well-prepared before the meeting.

If you have been seriously injured, you may be unable to gather evidence from the accident scene, access police reports, and interview witnesses. Your attorney and his team will handle these things as well as gather surveillance video from cell phones and cameras at the scene. They will also be able to gather your medical records and, with the help of your medical professionals and their experienced team, be able to calculate a compensation package to provide protection for you in the present as well as the future.

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Get more money.

There have been horror stories about how much attorneys charge in personal injury cases. And while it is true that they do charge a high percentage, they also can increase the amount of compensation awarded by leaning on their expertise in cases just like yours. And most personal injury lawyers will take your case on a contingency basis, meaning if you do not win your case, they do not get paid. Personal injury attorneys will not only seek compensation for damage to your personal belongings and medical bills, but they will also seek damages to cover:

  • All medical expenses, past, present, and future.  This includes surgery, physical therapy, prescriptions, medical devices, in-home or assisted care, and any other testing, prosthetics, or procedures deemed necessary for your recovery.
  • Lost wages. This does not just apply to the time you have already missed work but to future lost wages due to your injuries. This is especially critical if your injuries keep you from returning to the same position even if you have recovered.
  • Non-economic damages.  Though it is difficult to put a price tag on these damages, often referred to as pain and suffering, your personal injury attorney is an expert in calculating compensation for the pain and emotional distress that you suffer as a result of your injuries.

Other Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

In addition to saving time and getting more compensation, your personal injury attorney will also keep you in compliance. There are statutes of limitations for filing a suit that your attorney will take care of. They will ensure that all the documentation to support your claim is gathered in a timely manner, as well as itemize all receipts, invoices, and other documentation. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will locate and prepare witnesses on your behalf.

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Most insurance companies will try to lowball the settlement if negotiations are done with the injured victim. However, when represented by an experienced personal injury attorney, they seem to be more receptive to larger compensation amounts just because they are aware of the attorney’s experience.

A personal injury lawyer will answer your questions, protect your rights, and give you the time for healing. They will reduce the amount of stress you would feel if you were trying to handle the case on your own.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Save You Time and Get You More Money

Handling a personal injury case without the help of an attorney who specializes in getting a fair and generous compensation package is difficult, and most accident victims will have very little success.

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