Car Damage Claims

When an accident happens, and you or your loved ones are involved, there’re two types of claims that you can seek; a claim for car damages and personal injuries incurred.

Following is a guide on what to do when you’re involved in an accident, and you need to claim for damages.

Contact the police and seek medical attention

After you get involved in an accident, your priority should be to rush to the hospital for a checkup. Even if you don’t see any injuries or feel any pain, you should get some medical attention. You also need to contact the police who get to the scene and check out the possible cause of the accident. They then draw a report that will help you to get compensated.

If you’re able, take photos of the scene and the vehicles

When you survive an accident with no significant injuries, it’s prudent that you take photos of the scene. That will make it easy for the police to write their report and help you out. You should send the images also to your accident attorney so that they prepare a formidable case for your compensation.

Contact the insurance company

Once you have contacted the police, the next person you have to bring on board is the insurance company. This is the company that covers you in case of an accident. You already have taken photos of the scene; send them to your insurance agent. That way, they share the same information with the police. That means the insurance company’s report, the police, and your attorney agree and thus a step closer to you getting compensated.

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The insurance company sends a claims adjuster to appraise your vehicle. If you’ve been hurt, then they should send a separate adjuster to handle your injury claim.

If your car can be repaired

If your car doesn’t need a write-off, that’s even better. It saves you the trouble of negotiating with the insurer over the amount they have to pay for a totaled car. But these are a few things you’ve to think of here. You’re likely to be inconvenienced now that you don’t have a car and yours is under repair. Thus you need a rental one as you wait for yours. You also may need to know the process of getting your car repaired through your insurance company.

This also whether you’ll have a claim of “diminished value” after your car is repaired. That means if you were to sell your car, it would go at a less amount- damages reduce the value of the vehicle. That’s what the law refers to as diminution value meaning that your car is worth less after the accident.

Follow up with your attorney

A car accident attorney understands the law behind car accidents and claims. Immediately you get involved in an accident, and you need fair compensation; check the Georgia Car Damage Manual and get a reputable lawyer with experience in car accidents and claims. They will represent you in court and ensure you get compensated rightfully. Insurance companies want to make the best out of the accident and give a meager amount. But a claims lawyer will fight through to ensure you get reasonable compensation.

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When you’re involved in an accident and your car gets damaged in Georgia, you can seek compensation. A claims attorney will help you get justice and fair settlement from the insurance company.

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