Semi-Truck Accident

Every mot accident is scary and has the potential to change your life for good. It is so devastating to see a semi-truck involved in an accident with a small vehicle. The occurrence is so devastating. Though semi-trucks cause fewer accidents compared to other cars, when the unexpected happens, the results the accident leaves behind are often shocking.

There’s an increase in online shopping and therefore increased demand for transport and faster shipping. That means the number of semi-truck accidents is likely to increase.

According to the U.S NHTSA, Florida is number 3 nationally for traffic fatalities that involve semi-trucks.

2018 truck accident statistics

52% of the fatal truck accidents in the U.S happened on major roads, not a freeway. 33% occurred on the highways, and 14% of fatal truck accidents were on smaller roads.

Common causes of Florida truck accidents

Several factors contribute to the escalating rates of truck accidents.

Distracted driving

The cell phone on the open road is a temptation that even truck drivers have not overcome. Looking for directions, texting, making calls are all distracters that have led to many truck accidents. Eating on the road to save time is another distracter that contributes immensely to the increased accidents. These are not only dangerous actions but also against FMCSA regulations.

Driving under the influence

Alcohol is the leading cause of accidents caused by intoxication. Statistics show that about 3% of those truck drivers involved in fatal accidents were intoxicated, and most of these were by alcohol. The accident becomes more devastating when it involves a small vehicle and an over 80,000-pound commercial truck.

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Most of the truck drivers move for long distances, day and night. Some don’t even get rest in the push to meet strict deadlines. That adds pressure to the body beyond limits. The drivers continue to drive even when they’re tired, and thus their reflexes get slow, making it hard for them to concentrate. They’ve got a slower reaction time and could even fall asleep when on the wheel. FMCSA has enacted mandatory hours that drivers must rest to reduce drowsy driving crashes. Those breaking such rules may be held liable for negligence, and that attracts a fine.


Over 21% of truck accidents are due to speeding.

Most of the tracks are above 80,000 pounds in weight, and that’s too heavy. Thus there is a speed limit that, when exceeded, the truck becomes hard to control, and that could mean an accident.

No matter the type of vehicle, speeding is dangerous, even for the best of drivers. A fully loaded semi-truck needs about 520 ft to stop when moving at about 65km/hr. That means one must drive at a moderate speed so that they can stop quickly in case of an emergency.

Poor maintenance

Most of the trucks and semi-trucks are poorly maintained. Large vehicles are complicated, just like machines, and therefore need to be serviced every other time. Tire blowouts, brake failures, and mechanical failures are some of the causes of accidents.

Various reasons may lead to truck accidents and according to Truck Blind Spot Facts, sometimes the accidents are inevitable, and thus you need an accident attorney to do an investigation and help you out if you’re convicted. Sometimes, it may not be the driver’s fault, and thus the attorney can make a perfect determination.

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