Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injuries in the workplace can be a common occurrence, depending on the industry. Statistics show that there have been over 2 million non-fatal worksite accidents in the US which is a clear indicator that worksites are not as safe as we think they are, especially in industries such as construction.

It can be extremely stressful for employees that have been injured at work. They will have to fill in injury forms, and if they are not capable of doing so they will be rushed to the hospital for instant treatment.

We know that in the US worker safety is extremely important. And that’s why workers’ compensation is mandatory in all states, except Texas. However, even if there is an option to be compensated for your misfortune, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

So, read below to be prepared in the event of a workplace-related injury by avoiding these common mistakes.

Not hiring a lawyer

The biggest mistake you can make is not hiring a lawyer as soon as you sustain an injury. Lawyers are incredibly experienced individuals that will help you receive what you are legally entitled to.

To start the search for the perfect lawyer, open your browser and input the keywords “workers compensation attorney near me” and take a look at the options. There are millions of reviews online and you can base your opinion on facts rather than guessing who will represent you the best.

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Your best course of action is to pick an attorney that knows how the local law works and has experience in workers’ compensation cases.

Not being honest with the doctors

If you sustained an injury, you will likely be transferred to a local health care center where you will be treated. Here you will be examined and after that, the doctor will provide you with a treatment plan.

However, make sure you cooperate with the doctors, especially if you sustained a serious injury. It’s important that you communicate with your doctor, and they must know exactly what happens so that they can treat you properly.

After the doctor determines the severity of your injury and provides a treatment plan, it’s important to adhere to it so that you get back on your feet in no time. But if you believe that your injury is not as severe as your doctor states or vice versa, don’t be afraid to look for a second opinion from another healthcare professional.

insurance claim

Not informing your employer that you are injured

If you sustained a work-related injury and you are able to report it, go to your manager or employer and do so immediately. Not reporting your injury on time might make things harder for you when you are filing your insurance claim.

In most cases, you will have to complete an injury form and after that, you can receive treatment. The sooner you report the accident, the sooner you can start gathering evidence to build your case.

Ask your colleagues whether they saw anything when the injury occurred and whether they will aid in building a solid insurance claim.

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Not returning to work

In most cases, the insurance company will require the injured individual to return to work on light duties. However, it can be confusing for both the employee and the employer what those light duties are. So, to avoid any problems, you should contact the insurance agency and ask them to deliver their request in writing.

That being said, it might be tempting to go back to your old position and perform as you used to but you should avoid that until you’ve fully recovered. Take your time and talk with your healthcare specialist to ensure that you are back to your old, healthy self.

If you think that you might benefit from talking to a professional, consider therapy as well. A sustained work-related injury can leave long-lasting scars on your psyche and you should not deal with them alone.

Final thought

Above we have the four most common mistakes you can make when filling for and trying to obtain your worker’s compensation insurance. Make sure that you follow the advice of your attorney to ensure that you receive what you are legally entitled to. Communicate with your doctor and know your right when it’s time to return to work.

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