Car Accident Criminal

When you deal with an accident clearly due to someone else’s negligence, it turns into a personal injury lawsuit. However, it is not always so simple. At times, a car accident can get too gruesome measures, and it falls into a more serious legal state of a crime.

If you cannot wrap your head around the matter because of the extreme emotional distress, and you cannot quite understand whether this is a crime of passion or a simple accident with no ill intention, then here is a better understanding of the subject matter.

But first, no matter the type of case, if it is an accident, you should immediately call a lawyer to get you that much-needed legal help.

Scenarios That Make Normal Rule Violation Into Criminal

Most traffic violations are accidents or non intentional. However, there are a few scenarios that make them. The most common scenario where a normal car accident might look like a criminal act is when the perpetrator tries to leave the site of the accident.

Below we have listed a few scenarios that you must avoid at all costs. Doing so will help you avoid any criminal charges.

Driving Under The Influence

More than a million drivers are caught every year driving under the influence. This is because DUI cases cause millions of dollars in property damage.

There have been aggressive campaigns about avoiding drinking the day you drive, it still happens far too often.

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On the federal level, the government has already made several rules and regulations. In addition, the state government has also implemented strict policing to ensure federal laws are followed.

That being said, if a driver is found drinking under the influence, it will be considered a criminal act as they are putting other lives in danger.


Hit and run cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Although hit-and-run cases fall under civil law, the driver is liable for paying the compensation. In addition, there is no jail time in hit-and-run cases; the driver does not leave the scene after hitting another car or pedestrian.

Hit and run incidents directly show that the driver had purposely hit the car, and to save themselves, they left the scene. If the driver is caught, they not only have to pay for the injuries and damages, but they also need to serve jail time.

Fleeing The police

If the police officer asks you to stop, you stop, whatever the reason. There is no point in arguing with them. Arguing them will only put you in trouble. Just cooperate with the police officers, and they will soon leave you alone.

However, in case you try to flee from them, it will become a criminal offense. This is especially true when you are speeding to get rid of the tail. This will not only result in criminal charges, but you also put yourself at risk while overspeeding.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving means the driver is driving as if the whole road belongs to them without following traffic rules and caring about the other vehicle around them.

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Any person found guilty of speeding, weaving, and constantly changing lanes without thinking about the traffic around them is charged with a criminal offense.

If that is not enough, if any injuries happen to other people because of the driver’s overspeeding and weaving, they will be charged with severe criminal charges.

The final sentencing will depend on whether the crime will fall under misdemeanor or felony.

File A Case Right Now!

If you have enough evidence that someone has caused deliberate harm to you or your loved one in a car accident, find reliable accident Lawyers who can take your case. Even if you do not have enough evidence, for now, you can always collect more evidence with the help of an accident lawyer and get it settled.

Remember, you have a right to compensation – Whether it is property damage or physical or mental injury. Plus, you have a right to justice if it is a crime!

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