College Students Avoid DUI Charges

Driving under intoxication charges is definitely one of those charges that can bring down repercussions for students.

  • Are you a student?
  • Are you attending parties and consuming alcohol?

If you are caught with a 0.8 or higher charge of BAC, there is a high chance that you might be charged with DUI. And now that you are charged with this crime, your college might go against you.

After all no institution wants to take responsibility for candidates with DUI charges. So who knows, you might get fired!

Plus, there are other restrictions and problems you might have to face. To know more, contact Kansas City DWI Lawyers. They are experts on DUI.

Therefore you need to take all the initiative to save yourself from such an incident. We have some tips and tricks through which college students like you can avoid DUI charges. So let us get started with the discussion.

What Penalties Await You With Your First Dui?

Let’s start you with something serious. First, you need to know the penalties that you might face on your first DUI charge. Fines and penalties might include:

  • Upto 12 months of imprisonment.
  • $1000 fine.
  • Fifty-five hours of community services.
  • Completion of risk-reducing programs.
  • Confiscation or suspension of driving licenses.

Not only this, your students could be disqualified.

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Furthermore, if you are entitled to some financial aid and grants- all of them can be suspended.

This is extremely serious, and you need to have awareness right from the beginning. Therefore, consult some competent lawyers like Kansas City DWI Lawyers. They can provide you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the laws.

How To Avoid The Dui Charges

Now we come to the main component of our article. What can you really do if you have consumed too much at some party?

Hitting the streets back home will definitely get you an examination and subsequent proceedings. Follow these so that you can avoid these.

1. Take A Taxi 

Keeping your car there is better when you have consumed a lot at the party. Better you hire a Taxi and go home. This can be a safe opinion for you. If you don’t do it, you might put yourself at risk of a police investigation.

They have gadgets to check the alcohol content. If it passes some danger mark, things might really go bad for you.

Therefore it’s a hundredfold better that you keep your car and hire a taxi back home.

2. Take A Uber 

It might be that you have been to some downtown areas where you don’t get access to taxis. Of course, you might not get the taxi services late at night in deeper areas.

Doesn’t matter; you can book an Uber. They have 24*7 services. They will come to pick you up. Thinking about the prices?

Uber charges less than taxis. So this is a really smart way to avoid DUI charges. Even if you consult some Kansas City DWI Lawyers, they will definitely add this to their list.

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3. Call Some Friends Or Members Of Friends Or Family Nearby

Suppose you could not prepare the driving arrangements; we recommend you skip car driving back home. Instead, it is better if you call your friends or a member of your family.

It might be your dad or bro or uncle. They can come and take you home. Remember the level of your consumption.

There is a high chance that you might be caught. You might also meet with an accident on your way back. Life is indeed precious, so do not take unnecessary risks.

4. Choose Some Designated Driver With You

Take some designated drivers with you. This will indeed be a smart move for you.

Your designated driver can pick you up from the spot and take you back home.

Therefore it is risk-free. You can even take some of your friends who do not drink at all to such events. Even then, you can be safe.

What Else?

Other than the one mentioned, you can download some personalized breather Apps that can help you understand the level of intoxication.

This can make you aware of the risk. However, do not take risks; this is what some bonafide lawyers, like Kansas City DWI Lawyers, advise you.

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