Construction Accident

Construction Accident

New York is one of the few states with a special provision needed to address unique challenges that construction workers face. Employees in construction sites are subject to risky conditions and serious injuries.

When workers get injured, they are often covered by workers’ comp. But unfortunately, this isn’t enough to cover serious injuries. Besides, construction sites are occupied by many workers, including subcontractors and contractors. And one of these parties might have caused your injuries.

So if you are a victim of a construction accident in New York and you don’t know what to do, the following are some of the steps to guide you through every step of the way.

1. Seek Medical Help

As a construction worker, you are likely to be struck by objects, whether falling materials or a machine. Although OSHA has rules and regulations for dealing with electrical equipment, electrocution remains a risk on construction sites. You may suffer from cardiac problems, nerve damage, or severe burns if you get electrocuted.

Regardless of how you get your injuries, you need to see a doctor right away. And if your injuries are severe, ask someone to call paramedics at the construction site.

2. Contact an Attorney

Due to workers’ comp laws, you may not be able to file a case against your boss for injuries that have happened in the workplace. But you may recover financial compensation if you prove negligence on your employer’s side.

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Unfortunately, getting compensation isn’t a simple process. Your employer may deny you compensation and refuse to take responsibility in full for what happened to you.

This is where an attorney comes in handy. Even if your injuries were caused by defective construction equipment & product liability, your attorney could still help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

3. Report the Incident

This is among the most important things you need to do after a construction accident for several reasons. The truth is that a number of accidents at a construction site haven’t been reported. This is because some workers aren’t legal residents and often fear reporting accidents to avoid immigration.

In other situations, construction firms don’t want accidents reported simply because they can ruin their reputation and may result in OSHA penalties and investigations. Regardless of these concerns, it is important to report a construction accident to your supervisor, foreman, or anyone who is in charge.

This will not only help in documenting the incident but also put whoever is in charge on notice of potentially unsafe conditions so that actions can be taken to avoid future accidents and injuries.

4. Gather Evidence

In order to ascertain that you get compensated, it is best to gather enough evidence. And by preserving evidence, you will ensure the entire investigation process goes smoothly.

Some of the pieces of evidence you may gather following a construction accident may include medical records, pictures of the scene, security videos, and witness lists, to name a few.


Accidents at construction sites are often complex events, which may lead to life-altering injuries to employees. This is why when you get involved in a construction accident, you are advised to contact an attorney who is familiar with New York’s personal injury laws to guide you through.

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