Beat DUI Charges

If you want to beat DUI charges in Ontario, you need an experienced criminal lawyer in Ontario. A criminal lawyer can help you get out of drunken driving charges. He will advise you on legal representation and represent you in court. In other words, he will defend you when the court proceedings start. However, it is the criminal lawyer in Ontario that will build your case for you and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf.

Beat DUI Charges in Ontario

Criminal lawyers have experience in all the aspects of criminal law. This includes drunk driving charges. If you hire a lawyer in Ontario, he will fight your charges vigorously so that you get justice. He will be able to defend you against breathalyzer or blood alcohol tests.

  • In drunken driving cases, the criminal lawyer will argue with the prosecution to lessen the sentence. If the defendant has no previous record, the lawyer may be able to get the charges reduced or even thrown out. On the other hand, if the defendant has numerous drunk driving offenses, the lawyer may be able to have the charges increased or even replaced with a longer jail term. The criminal lawyer in Ontario can also request that the court allow for an ignition interlock device that would prevent the vehicle from starting when the driver has been drinking alcohol.
  • In cases of serious drunk driving charges, the criminal lawyer will argue that the evidence against the defendant is insufficient to prove guilt. He may also challenge the legality of the police finding because of the absence of proper investigative techniques. The lawyer may also request that the charges against the defendant are dismissed because the evidence against them is unreliable. A dismissal means that there is no longer a valid charge against the defendant. This is often the case when the charges are trumped up by the police.
  • A skilled criminal lawyer in Ontario can provide a defense for his client, even when it means challenging the evidence against him. He can gather expert witness testimony to prove that the police have conducted an inadequate search or that they have procured improper breath or urine samples. When a criminal lawyer in Ontario is fighting a case involving drunk driving, he often uses these tactics to get the best possible result for his client. A good criminal lawyer in Ontario will carefully build his case while using all resources at his disposal. He will gather information that is as detailed as possible and make sure that all leads are followed up on.
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Drunk Driving Charges in Ontario
drunk driving charges

If you are facing drunk driving charges in Ontario, you should consult with David Genis Criminal Lawyer – a skilled criminal lawyer before you go to trial. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is your best chance at getting through this situation without many difficulties. He can explain your rights as well as give you guidance on how to avoid future problems. A lawyer who specializes in drunk driving defense may also be able to negotiate a plea bargain or other arrangements that are beneficial to you and your attorneys.

In cases where the defense is able to prove that there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction, they may be able to reduce your charges to a lesser offense. They can use the lack of quality police evidence to argue the point that you were not driving under the influence when you were stopped. Even if the officer who investigated your arrest could not find any alcohol in your system, some drunk drivers may still be arrested based on faulty or inconclusive evidence. An experienced attorney can gather proper evidence that helps you fight the charges against you. Not only will he present effective arguments in court, but he will also ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

beating DUI charges in Ontario

While a bad decision may seem like the easiest way out, it may actually turn into a situation that lands you in jail and makes it difficult to get a driver’s license. Don’t let your situation get so bad that you lose your job or lose your family. Hiring an experienced lawyer with experience in beating DUI charges in Ontario can help you turn your life around.

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