DUI Charge

It can be devastating when someone is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). In severe cases, it can put other drivers at risk and may result in hefty fines and jail time. Moreover, it can ruin one’s reputation and even result in jobless situations.

If you are at some point investigated for driving under the influence, it can have some serious consequences. First most, it is our responsibility as a citizen to never drive under the influence of alcohol or other addictive drugs. In case you are charged with a DUI, here are some tips to ensure that your process does not get harder than it should be.

Don’t Argue with the Officer

When the police officer stops you on the roadside on suspicion of a DUI case, make sure to cooperate with the investigation. Most of the time, the drivers argue with the officer that was they were not actually under the influence or were simply sticking to the speed limit.

Since you have been caught driving while drunk, arguing, or making excuses is no use, the police officer holds the evidence, and it can be used against you in court. It can be challenging to get a hold of your emotions when drunk but make sure to do your best and do as the police officers say. Your goal should be to minimize the effect of consequences of a DUI, and your behavior matters a lot in this aspect.

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You can Skip the Field Sobriety Test

Some people may not be aware that field sobriety tests offered by the police are voluntary. It means that no one can force you to take one, and most of the equipment used is mostly faulty.

Moreover, the results from the device cannot be entirely trusted because it does not take the body mass index into account. Most of the time, the officers are not fully capable of carrying out the test.

Do Not Resist Arrest

When the police offer asks you to step out of the car, your behavior is under the radar. Depending on how you react can be used against you or in your favor in the court. The officer might deal you with leniency if you act decently and cooperate.

If you resist the arrest and cause trouble, you may be fined with another charge against you. It can be hard to act in your right senses when intoxicated, but staying calm and composed is necessary.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

If it’s your first tie getting arrested under a DUI charge, you might not know how things are handled. It is best to consult with an attorney experienced with impaired driving cases like Alan Pearse.

Keep asking the officials when you can hire an attorney. Look for an attorney who knows all the policies and laws related to DUI charges. They can help you guide through the process and ensure that your case is inclined more towards winning.

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