As a law student, you might feel like your life path is pretty straight and narrow, but there is lots of variation that can take place in your career!

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However, if you’re excited to work as a lawyer, there are countless different areas you can specialize in to ensure you’re really working in a way that feels meaningful to you. Here are just a few of your options and what they might look like in practice.

Criminal Law

If you’re passionate about justice, work well under pressure, and know how to make a really compelling argument, then practicing criminal law might be your calling.

In this field, you’ll be representing individuals who have been accused of committing various crimes. You’ll be defending your clients in the hopes of winning them a fair outcome, but overall this can be very emotionally taxing work, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

Corporate Law

If you’re a businessman at heart, corporate law might be a better fit, since you’ll be handling all things contracts, mergers, acquisitions, and more.

You might work with small start-up businesses or multimillion-dollar corporations, helping them to negotiate and communicate in the best interests of the business. You’ll need exceptional communication skills and be able to navigate complex transactions, so anyone who enjoys a challenge would fit right in.

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Family Law

If you’re the more compassionate and caring type, then you will probably work well as a family law attorney.

You’ll deal with legal matters such as divorce, adoption, and domestic violence. You’ll often be responsible for protecting the best interests of a child, and being able to help someone in such a vulnerable position can be extremely rewarding.

Health Law

If you’re interested in legal matters in the medical field, then health law might be a compelling option. You’ll focus on various issues in the healthcare industry, including medical ethics, patient rights, and healthcare regulations.

This is another great option for more compassionate lawyers who are passionate about ethics. Further, if you have any particular interest in healthcare or medicine, this will be a stimulating path to take.

Environmental Law

Any law student passionate about fighting climate change and protecting our natural resources should consider bringing their skills to the environmental law table.

You’ll work with government agencies, businesses, and NPOs in order to address any environmental concerns and issues and make sure that organizations are complying with regulations and doing their part.

Immigration Law

You might want to work in assisting individuals and even businesses with their moves abroad. Immigration law focuses on visas, green cards, and citizenship applications.

In this field, you’ll get to help people of various cultural backgrounds by advocating for their rights and assisting them in pursuing new opportunities.

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