Class Action Lawsuit Against Diamond Resorts

A Class Action Lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International, Inc. has been filed by an individual who purchased a timeshare through the company. According to the complaint in the case, Diamond Resorts International, Inc. was engaged in a deceptive high pressure sales strategy. The company is also facing a class action suit claiming it engaged in false advertising and falsely promised timeshare sales and benefits to prospective buyers. Both companies deny wrongdoing. In fact, the lawsuits have come so far due to customer complaints that the agencies involved have both closed their businesses.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Diamond Resorts

Diamond Resorts International, Inc. is a direct sales and marketing company that marketed a timeshare package called the Diamond Reserve on the basis that it was an excellent opportunity to buy or invest in timeshares. However, the lawsuit says that consumers were subjected to numerous sales pitches, promises and puffery. At one point, a supervisor told an agent to “sell the tickets” to another agent who was having a difficult time convincing a potential buyer to purchase the packages. Other times, representatives were instructed to “get rid of the agents” if they had a problem selling the packages.

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When the suits finally reached a point where a settlement was reached, the resort changed the name of the packages from Diamond Reserve to Diamond Resort World.

However, this was just a rebranding process. Within a few months, the company changed the name once again and began selling resale properties directly. This has caused consumers to suffer substantial fees for what turned out to be a fraudulent product. At least one class action suit that was filed on behalf of a consumer says that she is owed more than four thousand dollars in damages.

The Better Business Bureau has received reports of many complaints about this company and other resorts involved in the sales.

One person complained that her wife received a call from a representative of the resort telling her that she had won a trip to Caribbean on which she would receive a free massage. Another case says that a representative tried to sell her a three-night stay at the Caribbean resort by telling her that the hotel was “booked tight.” Sales reputations cannot be easily manipulated. There have also been reports of fraud because some of these resorts did not have legitimate ownership of the properties.

The Class Action lawsuit against Diamond Resorts involves claims that the company engaged in illegal marketing techniques that lead to the sale of resale Diamond Resort properties.

There were false and inaccurate appraisals, overcharging and an attempt to steer buyers toward purchasing vacation packages that did not include necessary accommodations. Another class action suit says that the company used “physical force, intimidation and threats” in order to get people to purchase packages. This resulted in many people being unable to pay for their vacations. Many others say that they suffered injuries while on vacation at one of these resorts.

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This class action suit was brought on behalf of those who suffered injuries while on vacation at one of these resorts.

The claims ultimately resolved an issue of whether or not the resort’s sales practices violated federal law. The lawsuit also sought damages for pain and suffering, financial losses, mental anguish and other medical expenses. It is not clear whether or not any of these cases will be resolved. One class-action suit has already been settled.

  1. I upgraded my timeshare in Branson Mo. My wife and I were kept in a small cubicle for over four hours. The salesman told us how we could sell our points if we ever wanted to get out of Diamond, that Diamond was selling out to Hilton in the near future and was going to raise the cost of points from 4 cents to ten cents. He told us that we were in a very good position because we could keep our points at 4 cents. He stated that other owners would jump at the chance to buy our points at 4 cents if they ever wanted to go from like silver to the gold plan. He told us that were could use any extra points we had to buy hotel rooms, buy gas, stay at other resorts besides Diamond. He showed us grafts and went over numbers. Finally, after four hours he stated that all of this would only cost 509.00 a month. I asked him about my other contract with Diamond and he told me that it would be a part of the new contract at 509.00 a month.

    Then he told me that because of my credit rating (around 750) I could get a loan that would bring my total monthly payment down to 280.00 a month only around fifty dollars more a month than I was paying before the new contract. He stated that he would send me application forms to fill out. We signed onto the new contract. Later that night I couldn’t sleep, I thought that there was something wrong with this new contract and what would happen if I couldn’t get the load, it would mean that I needed to pay 509.00 a month which I couldn’t afford. I paced back and forth all night and when morning came I decided that I would cancel the new contract and keep the old one. I went to the front desk and spoke to the receptionist, I told her I wanted to speak to my salesmen and she told me he wasn’t there. I then told her that I wanted to speak to someone because I wanted to cancel my contract. She went into the back and about five minutes later my salesman came out. We went back to that same cubicle and I told him my concerns, that I couldn’t afford 509. a month and I really wasn’t sure about the state of my previous contract. He assured me that both contracts have been rolled into one and that I would be able to get a loan.

    I left the contract as is and went home the next day. We waited a week then decided that we would go to our back and see about a loan. We were told that our credit score was excellent but we had high debt and couldn’t get a loan. I called my salesman and he didn’t answer his phone. He call me a week later and told me he was on vacation. I told him I couldn’t get a loan at my bank and he asked me if I tried a credit union or I could try googling for refinancing timeshare loans. After I got off the phone my wife informed me that she had just received a second bill from Diamond (I paid the first bill earlier in the month) the two bills together would cost 785.00 a month. I left a message on the Diamond website and they responded advising that I had two contracts with Diamond not on. The first contract was 209.00 and the second one was for 509.28 for a total of 785.38. My wife called the salesman back but he didn’t answer his phone, so she left a message advising that someone made a mistake and didn’t cancel the first contract, he has never called back.

    I keep messaging Diamond on their website advising that I can’t afford this payment, that I was told that my payments would be 509.28 before I got a loan, which I couldn’t get. I pleaded with them but didn’t receive an answer. Finally, I got a call from Diamond and spoke to a lady named Samantha, telling her everything that I wrote above, who told me that there was nothing she could do for me because I signed the contract and the 7 day grace period had expired. I told her that I don’t know what she was going to do but I can’t pay because I’m on a fixed income along with my wife and that there was no way I can afford this. She told me that I needed to speak to a VP in sales on Thursday, it would be a conference call. I’m waiting for that call right now. I received a call at @1345 advising that the VP for sales isn’t available today so he’ll call me tomorrow. I think I’m going to send this info to you and send another message tomorrow after the phone call.

    • Hello, I had a terrible experience with the sales people as well. It was so high pressure that we felt we couldn’t leave. My blood sugar was getting low and I kept telling them I needed to leave so I could eat because of my glucose levels and they would just brush it off and say they had snacks and bring me snacks. It was the most uncomfortable situation I was ever in. They would keep switching sales people on us and we just finally signed to get out before I actually collapsed. Ended up putting on my credit card and still paying after 14 months!! Just criminal!

      • My husband and I experienced the same high pressure sales. Almost 4 hours there we said no no no I said the only way we will do anything is if we walked out the door with no money down and 100 a month payment. Thinking that was not going to happen but they did and called it the sampler. So very hard to get a reservation and they did not tell us we had to sit through a presentation again and again. I quit my job due to medical reasons and shortly thereafter took on 5 great nieces and nephews as fosters. Called diamond and explained. The woman said she understood but she can’t stop the calls this was in Feb. In March or April apparently a certified letter was send entering us into foreclosure. And the remaining points were taken. I tried to make a payment this month and that is how I found out. I just started a new job and told them I would resume payments once I did. Needless to say I can’t get a hold of anyone to discuss payment so here we are in foreclosure for a 1900 $ debt that we only were able to use the vacation once and it cost about 10000 pets for 2 days. So that 2 day vacation actually cost almost 3000 plus legal fees

  2. BUYER BEWARE! Should be the motto for Diamond resorts! They show no respect, integrity, especially transparency, and directness! That is what is in their “Promise”. They have lied to us, not once, not twice, not even three times, but every time they talk to us, lies are spewed! The “Dream Vacations” are their way of getting you to listen to another sales pitch. It is mandatory! We are seniors and I feel they took advantage of that! I told them my husband’s health was diminishing and they took advantage of that. I told them we were over extended and they still got us to invest more money. They are very manipulative and adept salespeople. They see your weakness and pounce! Each salesperson seemed so sincere, which has shown us how naive and trusting we are.

    I would like to join the class action suit against Diamond Resorts. How do I do that?

  3. My name is Ariel, my boyfriend and I were manipulated into signing up with Diamond Resorts which was described by our rep as a “membership”. We were told that this would not impact our credit after explaining that we wanted to purchase our first home soon. Months later I was let go from my job due to a serious medical condition I have. When we called Diamond Resorts in regards to this not one person helped resolve the issues we currently face by having to pay over $200 monthly and our credit being impacted by this loan. We are unable to get pre-approved for a home and struggling financially. They use unethical practices to get people to join, customer service is absolutely horrible, this entire experience is a nightmare.

  4. The same thing happened to us that happened to these people from diamond resorts.

  5. Our situation with Diamond is exactly a mirror image that transpired as Earl LeBon described above. Only ours took place in Florida. We are still fighting to get this contract canceled.

  6. We live in Australia and my father purchased a timeshare with diamond resorts and promised could use it here in Australia. However, he tries to book here in Australia and says they are booked out. This is not great as he cannot use it here and keeps getting charged fees each year as well as the 20k original purchase. What can we do?

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    Mark and Sherry Flowers January 13, 2022 at 11:03 pm

    My husband and I were ripped off by Diamond resorts. A credit card was also fraudulently opened in my name and charged 2,200 for a stay at the Polo Towers in Las Vegas, and we have never stayed there. When we call to report this, every number, transfers us to another number. It is a nightmare!

  8. My situation is the same as all the others above, then I received a letter stating the merger with Hilton, I want to relinquish all of our points. I have sent numerous emails to Diamond Resorts to relinquish all my points to get out of this I do not owe any loans, Diamond Resorts has still not answered any of my emails, and when you call it’s more than an hour wait. My husband passed and I can not afford these outrageous Assessment Fees they charge every year.

  9. I received letter stating the merger with Hilton, I want to relinquish all of our points. I have sent numerous emails to Diamond Resorts to relinquish all my points to get out of this I do not owe any loans, Diamond Resorts has still not answered any of my emails and when you call it’s more than an hour wait. I can not afford these outrageous Assessment Fees they charge every year

  10. Did you find out how to join this class action suit? I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

  11. Diamond resorts pulled me and my my wife out of a casino in Vegas we were clearly intoxicated they put us on bus then drove us to a conference room miles from our hotel have us champagne at the presentation held us there for over 5 hours pretty much said if we wanted to leave we needed to buy there package this was april 2017 we were on our honeymoon so being intoxicated we gave in we .are 3 payments then decided to write them off fast forward to 2021 we wanted to buy a house the lender said we needed to pay off the time share it was 9578 owed we called to make a deal they would not so we got a loan through our credit union and called back a week later and it went from957i8 to 14789 no explanation of where this extra amount came from when I said you quoted me the lower price 5 days ago she blatantly lied I said she never said that there is only one woman who works in title she goes by the name natalie but she speaks horrible english so I’m sure it’s a fake name any way we paid cuz our lender said I had to be paid of but it still reports as a foreclosure even though it was not a deeded time share it was a right to use time share we spent 3 hours on the phone just to be transferred from one person to the next we finally get ahold of natalie we say .maybe 20 words to her she hangs up these people should all be in prison

  12. I would like to share the details but it sounds like I was lied to by my salesperson just like the rest of you. I wonder if it was the same person.

    From what I have read it is really hard to fight a big company like Diamond (and now Hilton) all by oneself as they have many lawyers. I also read they are several attorneys that collect money to fight the fight but end up losing and you’ve lost more money.

    I would like to be involved in a class-action suit if one is forming. I will send all the details of my situation online or printed copies.

    Things like this, are really hard on one’s self-esteem realizing how easy it was for them to lie to me AGAIN and it’s gonna cost me way more than I can afford, I am also on a fixed income.

  13. The same happened to us on 1/30/2022. Branson… refused the $40k package, the 20k, and settled for the $2,500 sampler. After signing we were told it would take 14 days to set up our account and start booking. We’ll we went to book and it says the entire loan must be paid before booking. The payments are for 2yrs. The package is good for 2yrs. This is worthless. They said we would b Ave access to all of their properties. We do not. Only the craziest of locations. StaY far far away from them.

  14. My wife and I have two contracts with Diamond that we are trying to get out of also. I cannot afford the mortgage and fees, much less the extra expenses that go along with actually taking multiple vacations per year. I have read over the contracts and made multiple phone calls to discuss my options to relinquish my points, and have come to the realization that the business lacks any sort of ethics whatsoever. I would gladly join any class action lawsuit against Diamond.

  15. My wife and I were clearly lied to when it came to a recent purchase we made with Diamond. We went to one of their sales presentations and were being pressured for hours to commit a substantial amount that would eliminate monthly maintenance fees. I declined several times to make the purchase to eliminate fees before finally caving. Not only have the maintenance fees continued but they went up more than four percent in the new year. When I inquired about the fees not being eliminated I got the answer that they had “never heard of that” program. Not only was I lied to by Diamond’s sales representative, I spent a lot of money and received nothing of value that I can think of in return. In addition, since they were easily able to open credit lines on my behalf to make the purchase possible I would assume the credit card issuer had a vested interest in the sale closing. The whole process is predatory in nature and should be addressed. Class action is clearly a start!

  16. Same thing here but fortunately we said no but then they put a lower amount and same offer. Put 20,000 points on contract and said that’s how it has to show. After buying the corporate said no such thing and only increased points and fees.
    Agree wish there was an attorney that would consider class action.

  17. Can a class action claim be filed against Diamond as a subsidiary of Hilton. Since Hilton will not want the bad publicity?

    • my name is Guy Gasper and I am going to take my case to court with the help of my friend who is a licensed para legal. Here’s my phone number 8088529445 call me and we’ll make them spend money researching and make more laws to clarify and protect us from them. Pass the word

  18. Interested in a class action lawsuit.

    • Just so you know individuals do not file or bring class action suites but if individuals file suites against an entity like Diamond the courts may decide to put the cases together into a class action. If we co ordinate we can make it happen and make change. 8088529445 my name is Guy. Call me and together with my para legal we can make something happen

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    Former Diamond employee April 11, 2022 at 2:38 pm

    I used to work for Diamond, and one of the many reasons I don’t any longer is each and every day I was manipulated, lied to, and coached on different tactics etc and instructed to “do whatever it takes” to close the deal. I was there for only a few months, but each day in left sock to my stomach, and even some times in tears. My co workers were sharks, no remorse, borderline sociopaths, and how they lay their heads down at night I do not know; I could not. I left after 3ish months towards the end I didn’t and wouldn’t even pitch, only reason I wasn’t fired is because my manger and I had a thing going on. Fast forward to now, my life is in shambles he turned my world upside down, and is a textbook Narcissist through and through (go figure). Lies, empty promises, manipulation, gaslighting, bullying, are just a few examples of the abuse I endured with both Diamond and dating my ex boss. I
    Point being- I’ll testify if needed. Heck I still have some of my training stuff! How they’re still in business I do not now, but what I saw there still makes me sick to my tummy 🙁
    Good luck everyone, and remember- the truth alaaays prevails

    • If we bring a lawsuit would you be willing to testify or provide a statement? My credit is ruined and I am on fixed income with a quadraplegic adult son who does not need to inherit this mess!

      • call me or continue on your path 8088529445 let me tell you what we’re doing and you can decide what you want to do.

      • call me or continue on your path 8088529445 let me tell you what we’re doing and you can decide what you want to do.

    • thank you for your coming forward my name is Guy Gasper. And once we signed we were stuck and the lies kept coming. Now that we were able to purchase the house we’ll deal with the bad credit until we resolve this and put some case law on the books that others can use to prevail. My name is Guy Gasper 80885294xx call me please. My paralegal Is Demont 80872657xx I’m sure he would love to hear of what you can provide us. Mahalo!

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    Former Diamond employee April 11, 2022 at 2:40 pm

    *each day left sick to my stomach

  21. Diamond associates are the scum of the Earth. Lies layered upon lies layered upon lies. High pressure, underhanded sales tactics. That a company like this can even exist is an embarrassment to this great country. Love watching videos of timeshare mogules in their 100$ million homes. How can one make so much money unless they take in obscene amounts of money while giving no value in return. Scum of the Earth

  22. We bought on the basis our current points would convert to Hilton Vacation Club. When we showed up for new owner orientation the Hilton Rep said they do not hnor that program but if we wanted that level and access to Hilton we must buy more points. We have tried to get out of our agreement and have been hung up or rerouted to voice mail boxes by both Diamond and Hilton customer service representatives. We will be reaching out to the Florida Attorney General and Consumer Protection Agency for misrepresentation

  23. I am shocked. Me and my boyfriend were pressured into purchasing a timeshare in July 2022. We’re told it was 15k which we planned to pay off in 3 years and even told this to our sales representative. Paid a total of over $300 something a month. Took our introduction vacation to Lake Tahoe where they asked why didn’t we refinance within the month period and that since we didn’t we were stuck to pay our original payment for 10 years which would result in over 70k I was in disbelief. I COULD GET A HOUSE WITH THAT AMOUNT. I was so upset even explained to the guy that, that wasn’t what we were told. All of sudden they had a new offer for us to become lifetime members if we changed our planned. The whole new plan was for a loan for over 30k now, over $600 a month. I was so angry and lost but was told it will be a better plan and at least I’ll get something out of it for my family’s future. Pressured by saying they won’t charge for refinancing just to make sure we pay this loan when we get the chance. Also based on my credit he had no doubt I would not get a loan from my bank. Promises of a one time maintaining fee every year and THAT WAS IT. I left there sick to my stomach unsure but was made to feel at least i got out of a worst situation and into a better one. Stayed with them for over 4 hours. Told me we were able to keep ur dream vacation to Hawaii which expires in July. Paid over $600 something every month for the last 4-5 months and when I finally tried to book our dream vacation to Hawaii we were told we couldn’t til we paid our past due bill of $1,500 which was the maintenance fee. I messaged my representative from Lake Tahoe which gave me a number to financial and said I can work something out with them and as long as I made some type of payment they’ll be able to book. I called and they said I will NOT be able to book til I pay it off which I can not afford. At this point I took it as a lost even thought I’ve been paying over $600 a month! Yesterday I received a letter saying we owe over $5,200 for an assessment fee. It was due May 1st the letter was made May 13th and I didn’t get it in my mail til yesterday May 31st! Charged a late fee. I messaged my representative about NEVER REPLIED. I realized he was only replying to me before because he bought tickets from me for the lover and friends concert that happened this past month in Las Vegas. I can’t believe this has happened to me. My plans and future are all out of place now. My plans to buy a home are now unsure and I don’t know how to get to out of this. I can’t believe they would do this to family’s. Reading everyone’s comments it the same thing. I explained my financial issues to these people and they acted as if they understood and wanted to help. STAY AWAY FROM TIMESHARES!!!

  24. July 2021****

  25. I am a retired lawyer. I have owned a Diamond timeshare for many years. We made a trip to Branson last year and were offered some show tickets to do an update about the new benefits that Diamond had for owners.
    During a whole afternoon session we were told about the upcoming merger with Hilton Grand Vacations and how that was going to expand our available inventory and how much we would benefit if we bought more points. Offered a “Dream Vacation” and told us that we could buy those additional points at a really low price, which they had offered me many years before at a sales presentation. They also presented a new program called “Club Combination” where we could get credit for booking another timeshare we had for Diamond to use in its program and those additional points would bring us up to Platinum level, which opened up even more benefits. The guy was a great salesman and got us convinced. I would have more points and am at an age where I want to travel even more. What they did not tell us was what was really going to happen when the deal with Hilton Grand Vacations actually took effect.

    We planned our “Dream Vacation” , which consisted of going to Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club in Orlando four nights and then four nights in New York City (4/1-4/9/22). When we got to the resort in Orlando, we were again offered a round of golf, if we would attend another “update” which they strongly encouraged because the deal with Hilton Vacations had just closed. Everyone from Diamond would say that they did not the details of the new deal, but it was going to be a wonderful benefit.
    We spent the whole afternoon the next day at the so called update with they explaining that if we wanted the benefits of Hilton Grand Vacations we would have to buy into a new form of membership (HGV Max). We were told that the Club Combination program was going away (the big boss man at the end said that he couldn’t believe that they had such a stupid program and pointed out that we signed something that said that we understood that the program could be discontinued in the future). We were further told that in order to go to HGV Max we would have to buy 30% of the number of points that we currently had, including the points that we had been given under the Club Combination program, but that they would be real nice and keep the price per point at the same level and not raise it up 100% to the Hilton price per point. I said NO!
    After going through three more levels of people trying to convince us, that this was our last chance to get such a great deal (at being ripped off) we left. I was so irritated that our stay at Mystic Dunes was totally spoiled.
    My belief is that there is a very good class action lawsuit here, first of all based on overall either misrepresentations or failure to disclose important relevant facts about the proposed deal with Hilton by the very aggressive salespeople and defrauding existing Diamond members and secondly an action against the Board of Directors of Diamond Resorts for failing in their fiduciary capacity during the negotiations with Hilton to protect the existing benefits of the existing Diamond members, while lining their pockets with the gains from the sale that came from these egregious sales activities. When I left that meeting at Mystic Dunes, I had been told in no uncertain terms the Diamond Members were going to be second class citizens in this new organization unless we wanted to spend even more money (a lot more) to get to be in HGV Max. Let’s try to find a good Class action law firm and protect every one that has been sold a Diamond Resorts timeshare.

    • Mr Wells: Our story would be a dulpicate of yours. Our “informational” meeting with HGV took place at the Summit in Sedona. It was really just the same story, we better buy into HGV or we will not be able to use our points, they will basically be worth nothing. We refused to purchase into HGV Max and then were required to sign some papers before we could leave, and they refused to even give us a copy of what we signed. Now they refuse to let us out of Diamond as our original contracts are “ineligible”. What does that mean? Yes, we are in on a class action lawsuit.

    • I am in let me know. Tim 304-636-xxxx

  26. My story sounds like many of yours. I was also pressured to get an Amex card and it seems like Amex is on the scam. I’ve talked to 8 different people at Diamond Resorts to cancel, wrote a cancellation email and Diamond Resorts refuses to cancel and refund. Amex is siding with Diamond Resorts. How do I get in on a class action law suit?

  27. I went to an ‘Owners Update’ meeting in Orlando. Of course you already guessed this meeting was to get me to buy into HGV Max. The salesman went over how my Diamond membership would not be worth much and I could transfer into Hilton at no additional cost. Well what they do is roll up your projected cost that you would have with Diamond and charge you upfront for it. The contract calls for me to purchase 14500 points at the bargain price of $54500. I told him this was ridiculous. I somehow applied for the Hilton Amex credit card while at the meeting also. Hilton wants to milk all Diamond owners and make them feel like they have no option other than to ‘BUY’ into HGV Max. Don’t do it!

  28. We were promised two free plane tickets a year with our points and too was lied to. I would like to join the class action law suit as well

  29. Sounds like we are all in the same situation. We were pressured into buying. We contacted Diamond Resort within 24 hrs after realizing as a young growing family, we really can not afford this. We are transferred to 3 different people/departments and still nothing. We have on two occasions received from IRS a statement saying Diamond Resort has filed a 1099-C. This is a Cancellation of Debt statement. Noticed I said on more than one occasion. If Diamond Resort is canceling our debt 1099-C, How many of these 1099-C forms are they going to file? Legally, How many can they file? I feel as though we have really been scammed by this company (whichever name they are going by now a days). I just want my debt cleared with them and to be FREE of them. Yes include us in the class action law suit. Thank you for your assistance.

  30. Hi we were also victims to Diamond resort timeshare lies. Please let us know how we can be aboard on this class action lawsuit.

  31. Please contact me, My story is the same as everyone else. We were told that we would have equity in DR with an exit plan after Hilton merger. Find out all they offered is transitions were you just give up your timeshare for free. $200k spent! I want to join class action lawsuit.

  32. Please contact me, My story is the same as everyone else. We were told that we would have equity in DR with an exit plan after Hilton merger. Find out all they offered is transitions were you just give up your timeshare for free. $200k spent! I want to join class action lawsuit.

  33. how can I join in on a class action suit against Diamond Resorts? I was pressured into purchasing one in 2012, with all these great promises. Now my points are not worth anything because of the restructuring they did, Any time I have tried to use it there is no availability, they wont let me use last years points anymore- all sorts of obstacles to make it unusable yet they love taking that maintenance fee from me every year!!! I want out and I want some kind of compensation!

  34. So, how do we go about joining the class action suit. I’m tired of people lying to me. I feel like I’ve been robbed and no one cares. Please if anyone is reading these messages tell us to get out of this. Every month I make my payment and get nothing in return.

  35. Please if there is a class action suit against Diamond, please add my name…I’m not looking for money, I’m looking to get out of this contract that was only signed after almost five hours of high pressure sales in which the salesman did nothing but lie. Call me at 320.262.6921

  36. i would like to get compensated for all the lies and Bull crap they feed you. specially about not selling out and we don’t need to buy in. also the fees kept on increasing as they kept changing systems but there were no incentives offered. talk about deeding the property which you could not get a dollar loan. So there are several issues I have paid in excess of 40G to be there and now they have sold and gone and now to keep the benifits i have to buy into the hilton system. They need to pay and held accountable.

  37. Add me to your class action suit also!

  38. Add my wife and I to your class action suit also! When we had our first dealing with Diamond Resorts in Branson in March 2015, we were badgered for over 4 hours and they would not give back our driver’s licenses to us until the very end. When we were in Sedona, AZ in October 2016 they badgered us again to buy more points, etc. In May 2016 we were pressured into buying into the Hawaiian Plan. They said we could get a loan to reduce the cost of the $48,000. That was a bold face lie. Because of this high pressure and lying presentation it cost us much money over the next year. We refinanced our our house twice to pay for the bill and other credit cards. I had to start paying on my daughter’s student loan. It wound up we filing for bankruptcy In September 2019.

  39. Put me on the lawsuit!

  40. Add me to the lawsuit!

  41. I would like to add my husband and myself to any class action suit. Diamond Resorts, and now Hilton International, are both disreputable businesses which use deceptive practices to prey on consumers.
    In September 2021 my husband and I were worn down by the promises offered during a very lengthy presentation and after many hours reluctantly gave in, mostly because of all the supposed “good deals” that the last salesman was offering. This happened after successfully saying “no” to other salespeople for the first few hours. We were also told that Hilton was buying Diamond and were led to believe that Hilton would honor our contract and that we would have the benefit of Hilton resorts.
    When we went to a “Diamond Orientation” after the buyout, we were told that in order to be included in the Hilton Honors we would need to buy 15000 points at $8.00/pt, equivalent to $120,000. Of course, we said no, and then were offered to buy at the original price we bought into Diamond or $57,750. We had, of course, turned it down, and now are stuck with assessment fees of $3400/yr. for a handful of resorts, and all the lies about using points for airfare, car rental, destinations are now obviously lies and deception when you see what the value of the points are compared to the cost of the trip.

  42. please add me to the class action

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