Migrating to another country in the midst of a pandemic is not a walk in the park. There are some changes in the way that you will be processing your migration application and it can be stressful and expensive if you try to figure it out on your own. According to NYC Immigration Attorney Robert Tsigler, working with an experienced immigration attorney increases the chances of getting your citizenship quicker and smooth-sailing. A legal representation will also help you focus on your job and family, allowing your lawyer to do the leg work for you.

When do you need an immigration lawyer?

The context of U.S. immigration laws can be extremely complicated, so it is crucial that you do make a mistake and compromise your status. If you are facing any of the following situations, it’s high time to hire the best immigration lawyer near you.

1. You are facing removal proceedings or deportation.

This is an urgent matter because your worst enemy here is time. An expert lawyer in immigration laws can help you navigate this scenario, especially if there is a  notice to attend court proceedings. The stakes in this situation are high, and without a lawyer to fight for your case, there is a big possibility of an adverse ruling over your petition. This could mean deportation.

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2. You have been deported and want to return.

For this matter, you need an excellent immigration lawyer to help you return to the U.S.  Your lawyer will create a plan of action to guide you through the process of re-applying. He will be your greatest ally during this period, so make sure to invest in hiring an expert attorney with a history of winning similar cases.

3. You are worried about the delay in your application.

While the immigration process is slow, when your application is pending beyond the normal period, it is time to act. An immigration attorney will help you find out what is causing the delay and resolve whatever discrepancies in your application. Yes, you can do it on your own but it would be a difficult, tiring, and sometimes frustrating ordeal. A lawyer has the connections as well as familiarity with the current issues on the immigration process.

4. You are relocating to work.

If your U.S. company is offering an employer-sponsored visa as part of the job package, you need an experienced immigration lawyer to help you since it is a more complicated process. You will be required to submit a lot of supporting documents to qualify for the visa. Your attorney will help you secure the relevant proofs and documentation, sparing delays due to unnecessary or wrong papers.

5. You want to invest and start a business.

The application process for an investor visa can be complex and time-consuming for a busy entrepreneur, so why not hire a lawyer to help through the process. Your hired attorney will help you prepare the proper documents, give you professional advice, and guide you throughout the entire procedure. This means avoiding mistakes that would delay your plan to set up your business in the land.

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6. You have committed a crime or have been accused of a crime.

Whether you are wrongly accused or have committed a criminal act, an immigration lawyer can help you from being deported or jeopardizing your immigrant status in the country. When picking the right one, check the list of similar cases he represented. The more skillful and knowledgeable your lawyer is about the situation, the higher is your chance to be allowed to stay.

7. You are looking for asylum or needing discretionary relief.

When the possibility of being deported is high, seeking assistance from an immigration lawyer is your best option. He will determine if you can qualify as a refugee who needs a safe asylum against persecution from your native home. If the proceedings for your removal from the country have started, your lawyer can apply for discretionary relief on your behalf. In this situation, the job of your immigration lawyer is to find ways to help you from being removed from your current home.


To guarantee a secure place in the U.S., it is important to have a professional working with you in whatever situation you are facing. A lawyer with long years of experience in handling immigration-related cases with flying colors is your best investment during the trying times. With a clear path of action to fight for your immigration status, an immigration attorney is your front line of defense.

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  1. I appreciate you explaining the different situations where an immigration lawyer may be necessary. It is good to know that an immigration lawyer can help you navigate potential deportation. I’d imagine that in that case, you’d need to hire a lawyer that has many years of experience in immigration law.

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