Class Action Lawsuit Walden University

Why Would You Want To Join A Class Action Lawsuit Against A Deciding Manufacturer?

Class action lawsuits are becoming more popular in our nation’s court systems. In these lawsuits, a group of people come together in a lawsuit against a company or person. The lawsuit is styled as a class action, meaning each plaintiff is one person on the lawsuit, or group of people. Class action lawsuits allow people who may be financially broken down to get a chance to be compensated for their losses. This often happens with companies who have engaged in illegal activities with customers, employees, and the general public.

Class Action Lawsuit Walden University

Because Walden University was slapped with a highly damning class action lawsuit which goes into detail all of their unethical behavior, all current students of the college are eligible to the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment plan, which can greatly benefit current students and allow for future students to receive a portion of their post-graduation funding if they win their case. For the past several years, the students who were victimized by the unethical actions of Walden University have had very little opportunity to seek financial compensation for their suffering. Most students who have come forward to file class action lawsuits have been met with denials from the bank, credit card companies, and consumer credit card companies. The banksters’ main line of defense has been to tell the courts that it will not be able to process the claims because of the fact that class action lawsuits are considered to be fraudulent. However, it should be noted that many victims of predatory lending practices are members of class action lawsuits, which have won millions of dollars in compensation from major corporations who were wrongfully engaging in predatory lending practices.

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Current and former students at Walden University have discovered that the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment plan, which has become a popular tool for litigants to fight for compensation, offers much more than meets the eye.

Borrowers often discover that they may be eligible for as much as six figure scholarships to pay for their college education. Other awards of as much as ten thousand dollars in private scholarships may also be available to eligible individuals. Many of these scholarships will be awarded on the basis of financial need, but some will require applicants to excel in areas beyond the basic knowledge of college economics.

It is important to understand that the repayment plans offered by Borrower’s Defense to Repayment (BDR) are extremely attractive to both current and former students.

The repayment plan provides students with a chance to avoid the repayment of their loans while also postponing the long, arduous graduate research process. While many would be impossible, a few undergraduate degree programs at Walden would be difficult, if not impossible, to attend. The graduate research process at a top tier university such as Walden would take years. For this reason, a graduate study at a reputable university, such as Harvard, Yale or Cambridge, would most likely be required.

Although the class action lawsuit process has proven beneficial to both parties, the plaintiffs must bear in mind that any damages awarded in a class action lawsuit are not “tangible” or “real.”

While it is true that the awards are tax-deductible to the plaintiff’s tax return, it is unlikely that the award will in any way cover the costs of the litigation. Indeed, although the defendants are required to pay attorney fees and court costs, they are also entitled to recover their costs from the class of plaintiffs who have chosen not to file a lawsuit, including lost wages and medical expenses. This is why it may sometimes be in the best interest of a defendant to settle rather than go to trial.

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The second option that may be available to the plaintiff in a case such as this, is to join a class action lawsuit against the defendants themselves. One common strategy used by plaintiffs is to simply submit a complaint and ask the court to allow them to join a class-action lawsuit against the defendant. Such requests for a class action lawsuit are often denied by the courts, despite the plaintiffs’ argument that they have a legitimate claim. However, a plaintiff who decides to join a lawsuit against an individual defendant (rather than a company) may be at a distinct advantage. Such a plaintiff may not only have a more legitimate claim to bring, but he may also have a stronger case than one who brings a class-action lawsuit against a corporation. And, if the defendant decides to fight a class-action lawsuit, it may become quite expensive for him.

A third option open to plaintiffs in a case such as this, is to join a class action lawsuit challenging the validity of some aspect of the conduct of the defendant that bears on one or more of their claimed goals.

For example, if the claim centers on an alleged breach of one of the defendant’s academic goals, one would want to bring a class action lawsuit challenging that breach, rather than simply suing the individual defendant. But when the claim goes beyond an alleged deprivation of academic goals to include conduct detrimental to those goals, the class action lawsuit becomes all the more important to plaintiffs.

Perhaps the best illustration of why joining a class action lawsuit against a defendant is so important comes from the story of Henry Walton, who became a US citizen in 1814. At that time, according to the official story, he wanted to join a class action lawsuit against a manufacturer of what was at that time a wildly popular brand of shoes. In pursuing this goal, he argues in his later years, he experienced many setbacks. For example, after a few months of legal wrangling, the manufacturer finally agreed to phase out the manufacture of their “Walton” brand of shoes. Despite this setback, the story goes on to say that after much hardship, the company eventually decided to go on to complete programs that would greatly improve the quality of their product.

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  1. I am a victim of Walden’s predatory practices and fraudulent DSW program and have been denied my DSW although my final GPA is 4.0. Multiple attempts to resolve the issues with Walden University’s administration were met with derision. Applied for Borrowers Defense Dec 2020, providing over 2500 pages of documentation and I am still waiting for an answer after wasting 3 years with Walden subjected to dismissiveness, micro-aggressions, micro-assaults, attempted misappropriation of funds, and straight ghosting for an entire quarter.
    I am building and creating my DSW Capstone through my 501c3 to put into action to the Grand Challenge of “Ending Racism.” However, these unethical egregious practices must be abated.

    • Hi Tanita, I was in their PhD Social Work program. I did the borrower defense as well. Here is an update that should hopefully make you feel more hopeful. They had the trial in court 11-16-2022. Looks like Walden was denied their request to dismiss the case was denied by the courts and as long as there are no appeals then in January 2023, there should be some relief coming. If it’s appealed it may be a little longer, but its currently in courts.

  2. Walden University continues to practice unethical practices after numerous Class Action lawsuits and Higher Education grievances reports. I have been fighting these people since 2016. They refuse to acknowledge an error on their part, refuse to acknowledge I was entered in the disabled student status, I did report an upcoming surgery in a timely fashion but the so-called Student Advisor failed her duty to report and remove the schedule. The school refuses to acknowledge they did, in fact, receive government grant money but are trying to stay I owe them over $5,000. I had 7 credits and Capstone to finish my bachelor’s. They know they are in the wrong as an itemized bill has never been, the bill collector who called refuses to deal with the situation and this is not on my credit report. ALL of my loans were also forgiven due to my current worsening heart condition. This needs resolved.

  3. Reply
    Elizabeth W Burmester February 16, 2022 at 12:31 am

    1. When did you attend Walden? I attended Walden from Sept. 2014 till Nov 2017.

    2. Please provide the month and year of both enrollment and graduation or withdrawal. I graduated on 11/17/2017.

    3. Which Walden program was you in? I was in the Walden Business Management Ph.D. Program.

    4. Did you graduate or withdraw? I graduated

    5. Did the amount of tuition you paid exceed what you expected? Yes, I ended up with about $110,000 in costs. The site and enrollment officers tell you it’s about 12,000 per year in costs and then $5500 for each of the 4 residences. I was like ok I am so far in over 60K that I have to finish I can’t go anywhere else. I also talked with the advisor and they talked you into going and keeping with it and keeping you signed up so you can’t get out of it. With that, when I got loans, it was well over twice that amount. SO, then I thought I was already in so I would go faster to get done, but you have to have a set amount of dissertation sessions which ended up costing well over 20K. I could not finish even though I was all done. Wasted money and wasted half-year.

    Now that I have graduated, I work in IT because a Ph.D. from Walden even though they say they have the credentials means pretty much nothing to employers. I was told by one that it was a Diploma Mill and not seen as a degree.

    • Hello Elizabeth

      I sure would like to tell my story about Walden. I was in the middle of my dissertation and they came up with some really stupid nonsense. I said to one of my writer assistants that she has a beautiful smile when she smiled back at me. After that I got an email saying I was going to be investigated for a harassment claim. I was so embarrassed and so afraid that I would have them kick me out because I was a 4 pt student and was about to finish my dissertation. So I withdrew so I would not have it on my record that they were probably setting me up for failure. Please help me. Thank you

    • Where do I sign up for the law suit?

  4. I need to sign up for this class action lawsuit. I was in the middle of my dissertation when they stated I told a young woman “she had a beautiful smile,” and then they were told that I was being investigated. I had a 4-point average. I did my Prospectus and was in the middle of my dissertation.. I am heartsick and angry at them. I spent so much money on nothing but heartbreak and something that never really transpired. hank you

  5. Reply
    Lawanda Cunningham June 26, 2022 at 4:24 am

    How do I join the lawsuit?

  6. My name is Reaelma Gipson, I am a student at Walden University. I have supporting documents of the unethical practices of several instructors. With grade changing refusing to display grades achieved, after grading assignments. Instructors failed to answer any questions asked and responded to students within a timely matter.

  7. Reply
    Hershberger, Natanisha July 30, 2022 at 1:47 am

    How do I join a lawsuit against Walden?? I am a PhD Candidate and was forced to withdraw – NOW the financial aid office has placed over $7K on my credit report. I do not want money – I merely want my hard earned credits so that I may complete my degree at another University.

  8. I paid over 60,000 for a MSN degree with Walden. Just kept dragging it out and were very unethical. I would like to join also.

  9. Am I to late to join this lawsuit?

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