Sexual Harassment Lawyer

In today’s times, when media channels and reports are ever-growing, many sexual abuse cases that have seen dark times are finally coming to light. Even people in the spotlight are getting exposed and accused of sexual harassment. Cases of sexual abuse have seen a significant rise in recent years. Here is a short guide on what sexual abuse victims can expect when fighting for their claim in court.

What can be expected in Court?

In most cases, it can be seen that victims of sexual abuse don’t have press charges against the abuser. It frees the victim of any charges of court and trials.

As sexual abuse is a criminal offense, the police or authorities will file charges against the accuser and will lead them to court for punishment. But victims can serve as witnesses, and they can still contact lawyers for victims of abuse for legal counseling.

Rights of the Victim

The thought of whether the victims are granted rights or not may arise. Even they are maybe considered witnesses; they have many rights to benefit from.

The victim has the right to crime victim compensation, to attend case proceedings, to request police protection throughout the trial. They also reserve the right to speak out their opinions during the case trials.

Personal Support

Sexual abuse victims are entitled to personal support that can assist them through the court process. It is a tragic experience that can leave someone emotionally disturbed for life. It can be mentally hard and exhausting for the victim to go through the lengthy court process.

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Before starting the trial process, a victim can request personal support. It can include friends, family, advocates, or a state crime victim compensation program. They can help you assist with the trials and make sure that you are comfortable through the entire process.

Victim Encounter and Interactions

When the court is going through the case, the victim will have to interact with the defense and prosecuting attorneys and the judge. The victim’s role as a witness will be to assist two attorneys and reply to their questions. He or she can discuss any issues with their lawyer regarding the trial.

The victim can find refuge in specially created waiting areas until they are invited into the courtroom. Whether the victim is called into the courtroom depends upon the trial and its stages. They will only be asked to enter the room if they are to be questioned. The victim’s right includes filing for a no-contact order or having a police escort them in the courtroom.


Even though victims act as witnesses, they are the only people who can have the abusers convicted for their crimes. The authorities will try their best to prove the accused guilty even though the overall process may not seem enough at times.

Victims should take full advantage of legal counseling and support the person they chose. They should take advantage of all the rights that are given to them.

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