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When filing a personal injury claim, there are some simple mistakes to avoid that people often make. Unfortunately, those seemingly small missteps can create big problems when it comes to receiving fair compensation. A personal injury can be severe and have lasting consequences, that’s why handling the claim properly is vital.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid when you’re the victim of a personal injury and need to file a claim.

Not Working With an Injury Attorney

In many cases, people assume they can handle an injury claim themselves, without thinking about the consequences of that mistake. By going this route, they don’t need to pay for an attorney, and they most likely won’t need to go to court. On the contrary, there are cases where people hire an attorney, but look for a generalist who says they can handle all different kinds of cases, which is a red flag. Neither of these options is ideal when dealing with an injury claim.

To make sure you have the best chance of a fair trial, and receive compensation for your injuries, you need to work with a qualified injury lawyer. Not only will an injury lawyer provide you with the knowledge and support you need, but they can also bring you peace of mind as you move through the legal process.

Not Seeking Out Thorough Medical Care

Another common mistake people make when they file a personal injury claim is not having the medical diagnosis and treatment to back the claim up. Oftentimes, when accidents happen,  people choose not to get checked out right away, or they may have said they were fine and sought help later down the road. Either way, in order to strengthen your injury claim, a medical diagnosis is needed.

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If you’ve experienced a personal injury, it’s important that you visit your doctor and have a thorough medical examination. Say the injury is significant, you will need urgent care or the emergency room at the time the incident occurs. Even if you don’t appear to have suffered any harm from the accident, there are issues such as whiplash and other medical problems that can show up later on.

Accepting a Settlement Without Legal Representation

When someone has a personal injury incident and the insurance company offers them a specific settlement quickly, it’s often because the company knows the case is potentially worth much more than that. Be aware of accepting settlements without legal representation because insurance companies will push, for you to take the first settlement they offer. Most often, it will come with a disclaimer, which you won’t be able to sue.

If you accept a first offer settlement you generally won’t be able to get any additional compensation for your personal injury claim, unless there are significant extenuating circumstances. Even if you aren’t planning on hiring an injury attorney to help your case it’s important to consult with one before you agree to any settlement offered to you. That way you can find out whether the settlement amount is a fair one, or whether the insurance company may be liable for a much larger amount based on your injuries.

Thinking Long-Term

No matter what kind of personal injury you’ve experienced or how much you’ve been offered for a quick settlement, don’t overlook the idea that you may need ongoing care. Injuries can come with long-term issues such as pain, or reduced range of motion. If you only seek out funds to treat the immediate issues you’re facing, you may not have what you need for the future ones to come. Working with a trusted injury attorney can ensure you receive what’s fair, to protect your health and your future.

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