Truck Collision

Compared to a car or motorbike accident claim, a truck collision claim is notably more complex because several parties could be liable for the crash. It isn’t easy for most victims of an accident, which involves a large truck, to identify and hold one particular party accountable. Many individuals (pedestrians, motorcyclists, car drivers & occupants) sustain fatal injuries after encountering a truck collision.

Truck accident victims who suffer severe injuries but escape death experience terrible mental suffering. Even families and friends go through a difficult time. Hence, it is paramount to hire a professional California truck accident lawyer to file an injury claim without delay if you become a truck crash victim because of someone else’s recklessness.

An experienced attorney specializing in handling truck accident cases can correctly find out the party liable for a truck crash. Experienced truck accident lawyers thoroughly look into different factors that could contribute to the crash. Resort to no one else other than a well-versed attorney if you want to prove the at-fault party’s liability and obtain compensation for injuries, damages, and anguish.

Here are the parties who may be responsible for a terrible truck collision.

Truck Driver

A lot of truck and tractor-trailer accidents occur due to the utter negligence of truck drivers. Many drive on city roads and highways under the influence of alcohol or drugs and end up causing a collision. Also, distracted driving, speeding, and driving a truck despite feeling exhausted most of the time lead to a terrifying crash.

Proper inspection of the rig for ensuring freight maintenance or loading is the prime responsibility of a trucker. A truck driver will be held liable if a consignment maintenance issue or shift contributes to a truck collision.

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Trucking Company

A trucking carrier is accountable for an accident involving a truck if it avoids following the strict rules while hiring drivers. It is cardinal to employ a trained and experienced trucker. In order to save money, many carriers give the responsibility of driving trucks to undeserving individuals. It is also a trucking company’s primary duty to inspect every truck it owns and maintain properly.

Freight Companies

In some cases, freight or cargo companies could be at fault for a horrifying truck crash that kills and injures many people. These companies have the responsibility to load and secure truckloads. In recent years, a lot of truck accidents have happened due to the negligence of cargo shippers and loaders. Improperly loaded merchandise falls off the truck or shift, impacting the trucker’s control and leading to a horrifying collision.

Truck Manufacturers

Many times truck manufacturing companies are chargeable for significant crashes involving trucks that they have manufactured. It has been found that many truck accidents take place because of truck manufacturers’ carelessness while designing a truck or an integral component of it. A lawyer can hold a manufacturer liable if he discovers after an investigation that a defective part of a truck contributed to the cause of the truck crash.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, a truck accident lawyer with vast knowledge and experience also sometimes holds third-party companies that lease trucks to carriers responsible for truck collisions. Rely on an expert attorney specializing in handling truck accident lawsuits to successfully identify the liable parties and drive fair compensation.

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