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Did you know that U.S.-based companies face at least a 10.5% chance of having an employment lawsuit filed against them? It’s difficult to solve your issues without an employment lawyer, especially in the employment sector.

Employment attorneys represent both employees and employers with various labor issues. They ensure employees are treated fairly. They also ensure employers are following all federal, state, and local federal laws that apply in the current workplace.

Read to learn how an employment lawyer can help you.

When to Hire an Employment Lawyer as an Employee

If you’re an employee, hire an employment lawyer if you feel your rights are being violated. Below are some issues that may trigger this.

Wrongful Termination

Some states allow employers to terminate their worker’s employment at any time. However, the reason for termination must not be unlawful. Some unlawful reasons for termination include colorism and racial discrimination.

Hiring an employment lawyer will help you have someone who knows the law fight for your rights.

Employer Retaliation

This is employer discrimination in the workplace, and it’s terrible. Your employer may discriminate against you based on religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. There are also other legally counted characteristics.

Such cases are challenging to prove, so you need an employment attorney to protect you from retaliation and defend your rights.

Sexual Harassment

Ensure you report any form of sexual harassment at your job to the human resources department immediately. These issues are often swept under the rug, and if this happens to you, get an employment lawyer to help you. If you get fired for the matter, it’s considered unlawful retaliation.

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Besides these, they are other reasons employees hire employment lawyers, including Unpaid Overtime and Signing Legal Documents.

When to Hire Employment Lawyers as an Employer

Employment lawyers can inform employers about federal and state laws that relate to the employer’s specific workplace. They help guarantee that employers comply with those laws.

They also assist employers in learning about their responsibilities in relation to the guidelines of OSHA. Additionally, they can defend employers before governmental agencies if they are quoted for non-compliance.

An employer should hire employment attorneys if:

  • An employee has sued them for harassment or discrimination
  • They want to be represented in mutual bargaining consultations with unions
  • They are mentioned as defendants for any employment-related matter
  • They want to dismiss an employee benefit,
  • They want to lay off a large number of employees
  • They want to change their pension plans
  • They want help preparing and reviewing agreements and contracts by your employees

Hire an Employment Lawyer Today

In case you are involved in any employment-related issues, ensure that you have complied with the federal, state, and local laws concerning employment.

You will need to talk to several lawyers before choosing an expert employment lawyer. But before that, ensure you know how they charge and what amount. Get in touch with your local employment attorney for help.

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