Plavix lawsuits will likely grow as the year rolls on because of the long shelf life of this popular blood thinning agent. Any time that a consumer’s body starts to break down as a result of prolonged use of this popular prescription drug, the consumer is legally entitled to a settlement. This is in addition to any medical expenses that might have been incurred due to the drug’s use. The longer a consumer has been exposed to the dangerous side effects of Plavix, the more likely they are to suffer long-term complications.

Plavix Lawsuit

Some of the more common Plavix Side Effects include heart attacks, strokes, stiff necks and clumsiness. The FDA warns patients that if they develop serious side effects, they should contact their personal physician immediately. This is in addition to calling their pharmacist. Patients with any questions about the possible causes of these symptoms should also discuss them with their doctor. Any patients who believe that they have developed serious ailments as a result of using Plavix should also contact a trained and certified Plavix Lawyer as soon as possible.

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There have been numerous claims in recent months in which individuals have claimed that they have developed severe bleeding after being on Plavix for an extended period of time.

While internal bleeding is the most common complaint, some plaintiffs have also claimed that they have suffered nerve damage, gastrointestinal issues and liver problems. In some cases, internal bleeding was so severe that it resulted in death. This case has been sent to the FDA’s Medication Research Branch for further evaluation. A representative from the division will visit the plaintiffs’ home to further test the authenticity of their claims.

In June of 2021, there was actually a lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of Plavix by an individual who claimed that he had developed a serious depression after taking the drug.

Another potential lawsuit filed in relation to Plavix has been brought forth by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACED). The suit is in response to the fact that the manufacturer did not list the medications ingredients on the label which could potentially allow individuals to develop an adverse reaction to the medication. The medications ingredients have since been placed on the label.

According to the plaintiffs in the current suit, the manufacturer knew that exposing their customers to higher levels of the active ingredient of the drug would result in certain individuals developing heart attacks and strokes.

Additionally, the higher the dosage, the greater cardiovascular benefits would be. The manufacturer has admitted to supplying appropriate warning labels on the drug bottles that read that individuals who take the drug should avoid driving or operating machinery under any circumstances that could cause them to experience a heart attack. It has also been found that as much as two thousand nine hundred and forty milligrams of aspirin can be potentially toxic when ingested. There have also been multiple cases of allergic reactions to the aspirin, further proving the danger of the drug.

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Plaintiffs are asking that they be awarded compensations for both the risks associated with using Plavix and the side effects that often occur when taking the medication.

This case has also been brought forth on the basis of negligence on the part of GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Plavix. This manufacturer did not properly research the effects of using high doses of the active ingredient of the drug and did not list the ingredient on the label of the medication bottle. These actions have resulted in many individuals having to suffer from both heart attacks and strokes as a direct result of using the medication.

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