Bicycle Accident

For a cyclist, no one cares about their presence on the road, and cycles are considered a nuisance to car owners because they can come in between the road and easily crash into. It’s not safe to cycle openly on the streets, so these cyclists are advised to remain on the corners of the road and not come in between the other traffic.

Safety can be achieved to a certain extent, but we can’t rule out that some people might be in a rush, and cutting through traffic might be the only option left for them.

So, are you a cyclist who went through an unfortunate accident? And are you angry about it? Well, you should be. In this article, you will learn how to use the laws set up by our country to compensate for a bicycle accident.

Follow these steps to learn when and how to claim a settlement regarding your accident.

STEP 1: Recognizing If You’re Eligible For Compensation Or Not.

Cyclists have the same rights as those of a motorcyclist. If you get caught up in an accident and have sustained an injury, you can seek compensation for the unfortunate event.

STEP 2: Inquire About a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Near You.

Believe it or not, hiring an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can massively increase your chances of getting compensated for your accident. It is also possible to take legal actions by yourself, but the inevitability of missing some points out cannot be ignored.

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The more severe your accident is, the more necessary it is to contact a lawyer.

STEP 3: Gather Information.

To help you with your case, you’ll need as many details about the accident as possible. Start by taking a picture of your bicycle if it is smashed in any way. The more visual evidence, the more appreciated and the more chances of your case winning.

Take a photo of your injuries that were the result of that event. When collecting shreds of evidence, make sure to not lie about anything since this is a significant offense and will be dealt with, with high severity.

If possible, giving some description regarding the wrongdoer will help the case a lot. Their facial features or even their vehicle’s plate number can help identify that person a lot faster.

STEP 4: Medical Assistance.

Taking pictures of your injuries is valid, no doubt. Still, to further make them appear more authentic, it is in your best interest to get those bruises and cuts checked out by a doctor so you could have a medical record in the database to assist your claim further.

STEP 5: Investigating and Negotiating.

During this phase, your appointed lawyer will look into the matter by scanning all the pieces of evidence you have gathered for the case. You will be interviewed about the event that you went through, and all the records will be documented for further use.

If the case is serious; injury is pretty rough, then you’ll be assigned an attorney who will take your matter to court. If not, the issue could be solved outside the court by contacting the insurance company or the defendant’s attorney to propose a demand.

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STEP 6: Filing an Injury Claim.

If the injury you have received has affected your life in any way, it is reasonable to take your claim to court. Keep in mind that you can file a lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident.

If a government entity is involved, you should file the lawsuit within six months from the date of the mishap.

In this phase, the two sides question one another, and each detail is documented word-for-word. Witnesses are called upon to further help with the case, and sometimes even a mediator can be contacted to help both parties reach a single outcome that both of them would agree to so the two can decide the matter outside the court.

STEP 7: Going To Trials If Needed.

If no outcome reaches between the offender and the victim, then a trial is arranged to obtain a final result once and for all. The defined and can stretch from a single day to a couple of weeks depending on the case. depending on the case

The possibility of the trial getting rescheduled to fit the judge’s hours of availability is expected, so be prepared to go through the trial period with a lot of patience.

STEP 8: Declaring The Decision.

After the trial period and both the jury and the judge have made their decisions, it is time to announce the case’s outcome. After the money is collected, a contingency fee will be given to your lawyer. If not, then no fee will be assigned to the attorney.

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Final Thoughts

Going to the court to get compensation for your bicycle can sound overwhelming to some people. Still, everyone needs to realize that each individual has been given rights, and it is our fundamental right to ask for them. Every vehicle accident is legible for compensation, be it a bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, etc.

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