Child Survivor of Sexual Assault

Children are fragile humans and, as parents and guardians, we wish that we could be constantly by their side to protect them. However, this is not always possible and our kids at times get hurt by strangers or even people we trust at home.

While this might be devastating to you as a parent, you need to take immediate action to ensure your child’s safety and security.

These steps may not undo the harm done to your little one, but they will go a long way into ensuring that they are cared for after the traumatic incident.

1. Report The Matter to Authorities

The moment you suspect that your child has been sexually assaulted, report the incident to the authorities. Whether it was at school or at home, go to your nearest police station and alert them of the situation.

The police will require you to record a statement and then take your child to a hospital for an assessment. This assessment will be to see the extent of injury your child has undergone and to collect any samples that would be useful during the investigation.

This will assist the authorities in tracking down the assailant before they make an escape or launch an investigation into the matter. Police presence and action in such a case will act as a deterrent for future cases and will ensure offenders know that the authorities will act on such cases.

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2. Contact a Sexual Assault Lawyer

The second course of action is to hire the services of a sexual assault lawyer.

A professional who understands the legal actions to take after such a traumatic incident will know how to handle you and your child with care. They will inform you of your rights and the channels to take while tackling such a sensitive case.

In most cases, sexual assault lawyers will ask you to stand in your place during court proceedings unless your physical presence is needed. This allows you to not relive these incidents and saves you from at times graphic testimonies.

3. Seek Professional Mental Assistance

Sexual assault is a traumatic experience, and your child will need all the emotional and mental support that they can get. Hiring a therapist or psychologist to help them unpack the event and the fear that they have built up due to it.

As a parent, you may also need mental health assistance. There may be feelings of guilt or trauma within you that may trigger forms of anxiety when you have to leave your child at home or at school. Therapy will help you manage these feelings and calm your mind about your child’s safety.

Your Child Is Your Priority

If your child has been sexually assaulted, the police should be your first point of aid, and they will be more than willing to help you. A good sexual assault lawyer will also ease your mind by taking the legal procedures off your hands so you can concentrate on your child’s healing and your own as you seek therapy.

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You can be assured that, with all these steps in place, your little one’s assailant will not stand a chance and no other child will have to suffer at their hands ever again.

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