Maternal Connection To Move To Italy

Italy is an incredible country that welcomes immigrants with open arms. The best part is that you can claim citizenship by descent if you have ancestral connections in the country. The Jure Sanguinis process is among the easiest ways to reclaim your roots and start a life in the home of your ancestors.

You can get a second passport and pass on the rights to your children and the generations beyond. But there’s a catch in the process as you may not be entitled to the citizenship rights by Jure Sanguinis if your ancestor was a woman.

Thankfully, you still have an option through the 1948 Rule, and you can read more on Bersani Law Firm website to understand it better. Let us explain how to use a maternal connection to move to Italy as a citizen.

Know your eligibility

The 1948 Rule is an option for people who want to claim citizenship by descent but come into an exceptional category. The year when your female relative gave birth to a child in the direct line of ascendancy determines the apt route. If she gave birth before 1948, you qualify for the 1948 Rule.

Conversely, you can proceed with the Jure Sanguinis route if she had her child after 1948. It means you need not give up on your citizenship dream only because of the gender of your relative. You can explore the relevant route and claim your right to be an Italian citizen.

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Understand the 1948 Rule

The Italian immigration law has been biased against women since the beginning. According to the law, women could not pass citizenship to their offspring before January 1, 1948. Countless people with Italian roots were deprived of the right to claim citizenship only because their ascendant was a female.

In some cases, siblings from the same mother failed to qualify, only because they were born a few years apart. The Italian government decided to implement measures to promote gender equality in immigration laws. They came up with the 1948 Rule that lets people with female ancestors claim citizenship through a court process. It means you can apply for it regardless of the gender of your ancestor.

Be aware of the court process

Although you can claim Italian citizenship through a female relative, the idea of going to court sounds daunting. But it is the only way the 1948 Rule works. Surprisingly, it is easier and faster than the conventional route as you need not struggle with the long immigration queues at the consulate.

You only need to have a seasoned lawyer to help you through the court process. You need not even have to travel to Italy for court hearings because your lawyer can do it on your behalf. Just complete your paperwork and give your lawyer a power of attorney to complete the process easily.

The 1948 Rule involves court proceedings, but it is not a reason to worry about the process. You can complete it to become a legal citizen and live and work in Italy like someone who gets in through the conventional Jure Sanguinis route.

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