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A law firm can only thrive with the right employees. Unfortunately, Canadian law firms face retention issues and intense competition for legal talent. In the first half of 2021, more Canadian lawyers moved to US firms for lucrative wage increases.

The massive turnover and increasing demand for legal talent are a wake-up call for every employer. But how can they make better hiring processes in this competitive landscape?

Working with the top legal recruiting agency is the easy route to attracting and retaining the right legal talent. Canadian law firms can also incorporate the following strategies to hire better.

Adapt to Candidates’ Changing Priorities

What are candidates now looking for in a job? Before, a fair salary and a range of incentives were enough to attract and retain legal talents. However, they have changing priorities today. You can increase the chance of connecting with top legal talent by adapting to what they now consider essential.

The legal workforce still wants to get the financial compensation they deserve. But more than that, they also have the following expectations or preferences:

Flexible Work Arrangements

Talents are looking for a job that offers a work-life balance. They’re interested in opportunities that allow them more control over their work hours. Firms with flexible work hours or remote work arrangements remain most competitive in recruitment and retention.

Positive Work Culture

Candidates prefer to work in a culture that makes them feel heard, valued, and informed. They seek a work environment that reflects their values and priorities. Firms that showcase diversity and inclusion are also appealing to top legal talents.

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Career Development

Legal job-seekers want to work in a company that gives them the tools and resources to grow their career. They may get attracted to continuing education and advancement opportunities. They are also more inclined to stay in firms where employers are helping them grow professionally.

Personalize the Candidate’s Journey

Creating a positive and personalized candidate’s journey is crucial to your hiring process. What do job seekers have to undergo before they apply until you hire them? Firms must ensure that every touchpoint of the candidate’s journey is as convenient and engaging as possible.

It’s easy to ignore how job prospects interact with your company at every stage. But negative candidate experiences can affect the firm’s reputation. This can result in losing the attention of top legal talent.

You can personalize a candidate’s journey by focusing on what the talent can bring to the position. Ask candidate-centred questions to create trust. This will also help you know them better and determine whether they’re a good fit for your company’s culture.

Involve Current Employees in the Process

Referrals are one of the popular ways to involve current employees in the hiring process. They can be a great source of suitable legal talents with their connections. It’s easy for them to match the employment interests of their family, friends, and co-workers to what your firm needs.

Since they already know your company’s culture, they are more likely to refer better-fit candidates. Their firsthand experience will give more credibility to your company. They can help candidates envision what it might be like to work on your team.

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Hire Better With an Experienced Legal Recruiter

An experienced legal recruiter can be valuable for your firm’s attraction and retention. Not only do they have access to a pool of qualified legal talents. But they’re also knowledgeable in identifying the priorities and preferences of these candidates. From making your job listings more impactful to improving the entire hiring process, a reliable legal recruiter is your best help.

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