Kim Kardashian Law School

Dive into Kim Kardashian’s remarkable journey through law school as she balances fame, motherhood, and her billion-dollar business. Discover her dedication to criminal justice reform and her path to becoming an attorney.

Kim Kardashian’s Latest Law School Endeavors

I’m captivated by Kim Kardashian’s pursuit of a legal education through a non-traditional route. While her TV show, SKIMS empire, and SKKN line have garnered immense attention, it’s her commendable work in criminal justice reform that truly stands out. In this article, we’ll explore Kim Kardashian’s inspiring journey through law school, her challenges, triumphs, and her dedication to making a difference.

A Unique Path to Legal Expertise

Kim Kardashian’s decision to become a lawyer took an unconventional route. Unlike the traditional path, she didn’t have an undergraduate degree, which made pursuing law school particularly challenging. However, her determination to make a difference in the legal world was unwavering.

Documenting the Journey on Social Media

Faithful readers of Above the Law are likely familiar with Kim’s social media documentation of her path to becoming an esquire. She has shared intriguing insights, such as a criminal law issue spotter that cast Justin Bieber as a criminal mastermind and engaging Tiger King hypotheticals.

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Kim didn’t shy away from discussing the hardships of being a law student. She candidly expressed the struggles of balancing her Keeping Up With the Kardashians livetweeting duties with her torts homework. Additionally, she made sacrifices, skipping summer holiday festivities to continue her contracts homework.

In her online journey, Kim also fielded personalized questions about her life as a law student, and she even expressed her admiration for her favorite law professor, University of Washington contracts professor Steve Calandrillo, by giving him a shoutout on Instagram.

Moments of Relatability

Amidst her demanding studies, Kim also had her “just like us” moments. She shared a post about shooting tequila while studying torts, demonstrating that even celebrities can have relatable study habits. However, there were also less relatable moments, like when her study sessions took an unexpected turn into a bikini photoshoot.

The Balancing Act

Kim Kardashian’s journey through law school has been a true balancing act. She had to juggle the rigors of legal studies with her billion-dollar business, her responsibilities as a mother, and the complexities of co-parenting in the spotlight. This feat alone showcases her extraordinary determination.

Conquering the Baby Bar

One of the pivotal moments in Kim’s legal journey was passing the baby bar, the first step towards becoming an attorney. It wasn’t an easy feat, and she faced the additional challenge of taking the test while battling COVID-19. However, her perseverance paid off, and she not only passed but also had one of her essays used as a model answer, solidifying her progress.

Preparing for the Bar Exam

Kim’s journey doesn’t end with the baby bar. She’s now preparing for the next stage in her quest to become a lawyer, which involves new subjects. According to her Instagram stories, she’s currently tackling constitutional law (con law) and community property.

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As she embarks on learning constitutional law, it’s evident that Kim still has a substantial journey ahead before she can officially call herself a lawyer. Nonetheless, her dedication and determination have positioned her well on the path to achieving her goal.

Kim Kardashian Law School FAQs

Q: What inspired Kim Kardashian to become a lawyer?

A: Kim’s interest in criminal justice reform and her desire to make a positive impact on the legal system inspired her to pursue a legal education.

Q: Did Kim Kardashian face any challenges in law school?

A: Yes, despite her fame and success, Kim had to balance legal studies with her business, motherhood, and co-parenting, making her journey challenging.

Q: How many times did Kim Kardashian take the baby bar exam?

A: Kim took the baby bar exam multiple times before successfully passing it, demonstrating her determination to achieve her legal goals.

Q: Who is Kim Kardashian’s favorite law professor?

A: Kim admires University of Washington contracts professor Steve Calandrillo, whom she has mentioned on her social media.

Q: What subjects is Kim currently studying for the bar exam?

A: Kim is currently tackling constitutional law (con law) and community property as part of her preparation for the bar exam.

Q: What is the significance of passing the baby bar exam for Kim Kardashian?

A: Passing the baby bar exam is a crucial step on Kim’s journey to becoming a licensed attorney, marking significant progress in her legal career.


Kim Kardashian’s pursuit of a legal career is not only inspiring but also a testament to her dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Her journey through law school, despite its challenges, reflects her unwavering commitment to criminal justice reform and her determination to succeed. As she continues to prepare for the bar exam, it’s clear that Kim Kardashian is well on her way to achieving her goal of becoming a lawyer.

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