Driving Hazards Drivers

Driving can seem easy until an accident occurs. Irrespective of the vehicle, every driver must drive with extra care and precaution. Otherwise, an accident can occur and produce significant Injuries and damages based on the accident’s severity. Claiming compensation or insurance claims for Injuries can be a complicated process.

In such cases, accident victims can rely upon an oilfield accident lawyer to seek a fair settlement. Besides hiring a lawyer to handle the legal procedures, it would also help if you knew some common driving hazards, as they can help prevent accidents.

Common driving hazards you should pay attention to

  • Environmental hazards.

Environmental hazards play a crucial role in shaping the severity of an accident. For instance, you should be careful about sun glare while driving as it can impair your vision and risk your safety. Wear sunglasses when driving under the significant impact of the sun.

Another environmental hazard can be icy roads. Icy roads can be one of the most dangerous driving conditions. A car’s stopping distance can increase significantly on icy and snowy roads. You should pay attention to cold and wet weather conditions, which can increase the chances of an accident.

  • Road conditions

Physical features of the road can contribute to an accident. When driving, you must pay attention to any bends or potholes on the road. Bends and potholes can affect your speed and vision. Hitting a pothole can cause considerable damage to the car.

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However, it could be dangerous to swerve in another direction to avoid it suddenly. The earlier you can spot a pothole, the earlier you can prepare to stop or slow down the car. You should maintain a steady, controllable, and firm grip on the steering wheel.

  • Traffic

Busy roads and heavy traffic can confuse a driver and cause an accident. Navigating congestion in traffic can be a hazard. You must drive safely and be mindful of the time and space on the road. It will also help if you maintain a safe distance from other cars.

Making use of mirrors and signaling before changing lanes or turning are some of the precautions each driver must follow. In case you face an accident due to another driver’s reckless actions, hiring an attorney in the oilfield will become necessary.

  • Cyclists and pedestrians

Driving under a speed limit can dramatically decrease the chances of an accident. Leaving plenty of room for them will be ideal if you’re moving in a direction that allows cyclists or pedestrians to come your way. You must check your mirrors and blind spots to minimize the chances of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist.

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