Did you know that someone is injured in a drunk-driving accident every 90 seconds? If you’ve been driving under the influence, the penalties are stiff, especially if you’ve caused harm to others on the road. Your best decision is to hire a skilled lawyer to help you navigate the aftermath.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 reasons you should hire a lawyer for your DUI case!

1. A Lawyer Understands Legal Terms and Processes

Going through the emotional trauma of a DUI can make it hard to think clearly. If you’re trying to decipher legal terms while staring down an unknown future, you won’t put yourself in the best position when facing charges.

A good lawyer will be familiar with the legal terms and know how to shape them in your favor. They’ll also be familiar with the processes, expectations, and forms that you’ll need.

For instance, they’ll help you get and complete an SR-22 insurance form so you’ll be able to keep driving. This is a special insurance policy that those with a DUI on their records must keep. Further, a good lawyer will help connect you with an alcohol education program so you can get back on the roads as soon as possible.

When you can tackle these requirements before a court date, you stand the best chance of moving forward soon. And you can’t do that without an attorney’s insights. Find a DUI attorney here when you need help navigating the legal landscape.

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2. Lawyers Can Help Gather Evidence

If you’ve never experienced a DUI before, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to defending your case. A lawyer experienced in DUI cases will know what evidence is most effective.

This can include showing that a breath test reading is inaccurate. A lawyer will know of toxicology experts who can weigh in and lend credibility to your case, as well.

Good attorneys will also track down other witnesses who may have been present. These could include pedestrians, other drivers, or business owners. They can offer perspectives on what happened that may work in your favor.

Lawyers can help you justify your behavior at the time of your accident, too. You may have a physical disability, for instance, or maybe you’re taking a medication that results in bloodshot eyes. Lawyers may ask you for medical records or prescriptions that can help paint a different picture of the circumstances.

3. Lawyers Can Challenge Evidence

Did you take a test that showed there was alcohol in your system? An experienced lawyer will know that not all positive test results mean you were driving under the influence. For instance, some non-alcoholic beverages and perfumes can trigger a false positive.

If there are any questions regarding the accuracy of a chemical test, you can trust a DUI lawyer will know how to respond. For instance, maybe a breathalyzer machine was not calibrated or maintained well. The best lawyer will know to ask to dismiss tests that were administered under questionable circumstances.

4. You Could Get a Lighter Sentence

Lawyers understand precedents and trends for DUI cases. They’ll have a better sense of what to expect, given your circumstances, and they may know the opposing legal team. And that might just translate to a lighter sentence.

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Further, a good lawyer can help you get your license back faster. Many individuals facing DUI charges overlook the fact that a license suspension will be a likely outcome. A lawyer will anticipate this and help demonstrate why you deserve to keep your license or get it back sooner.

5. Lawyers Have More Connections

Your case may end up heading to court. In those instances, it’s helpful to have legal help with knowledge of the system. A lawyer could be familiar with a particular judge’s decisions or records, for instance.

The best lawyer also should be familiar with the legal team representing the other side. This can result in easier negotiations and the potential for a faster process.

6. You May Save Money

While the thought of spending thousands of dollars fighting a DUI case may sound expensive, things could be much worse. If you don’t hire a DUI attorney, you’ll probably end up spending more money. That’s because you’re unlikely to see reduced charges without an attorney by your side.

You may have an attorney who uses an hourly fee to determine their compensation. If they are a skilled attorney and able to minimize trial time, that means your final bill will be lower. A streamlined approach to negotiation translates into less emotional turbulence and less of a burden on your budget.

7. Lawyers Have Courtroom Experience

Unless you are an attorney, you probably don’t have any experience in courtroom situations. If you are at fault for causing injuries, you need professional representation in the courtroom. Likewise, if you cause property damage, you’ll want an attorney advocating on your behalf.

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Without legal representation, you won’t have much hope of seeing a case dismissed. An attorney will give you the best opportunity to present your case for consideration.

An attorney knows your rights — including that you should not be subjected to unreasonable searches. If an attorney can prove that law enforcement did not act responsibly, for instance, you may be able to see a lighter sentence. Attorneys can’t overrule the decision of a judge, but they can help you make the best case possible.

Hire a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

When you hire a lawyer for a DUI case, you put yourself in a better legal position. They’ll know what evidence is helpful and work with you to tackle the necessary paperwork. In the long run, a good lawyer can help lighten your sentence and save you money.

Get more legal advice when you need it most. Check back soon for the latest articles.

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