Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are a common eventuality regardless of how safe a driver you are. Even when you are not wrong, you can be involved in a motor accident because of the negligence of other drivers. Motor accidents happen to many people, leaving some suffering serious injuries while others lose their lives.

The damage caused by motor accidents affects your finances, physical well-being, and emotional health, especially if you lose your loved one or the ability to earn a living.

Unfortunately, car accidents are also common in Dallas, and you may require the help of a car accident lawyer to fight for your rights and protect your finances. Here are seven alarming statistics about car accidents in Dallas that residents should know.

1. Number of Victims

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that 205,498 people got injured in automobile collisions in the state in 2020 alone. However, the highest number of victims was reported in Dallas. Unfortunately, many victims suffer serious injuries, and without the help of a car accident lawyer, they may not be able to receive compensation or file car wreck claims. Approximately 128,000 people get injured in such collisions every year in Texas alone.

2. Number of Collisions

As the third most populated Texas city, Dallas often experiences busy roads and high traffic. This makes the city prone to a lot of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Dallas reported over 48,000 collisions in 2020 alone. In 2021, there were at least 35,355 motor accidents in the city. So, on average, the city experiences at least 96 car accidents daily. In addition, 4,125 collisions involve commercial vehicles.

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3. Fatalities

Dallas ranks as the third city in Texas with the most motor accidents. As a result, over 200 fatal accidents in 2021 caused 227 deaths on the roads of Dallas.

4. Severe Injuries

Given the frequency of traffic crashes, some accidents are expected to result in severe injuries. So, research suggests that out of all auto wrecks experienced in Dallas, at least 4% leave victims nursing severe injuries.

5. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a leading cause of many car crashes worldwide. In Dallas, over 1,000 car wrecks resulted from drunk driving in 2021, meaning, on average, there were three drunk driving crashes in Dallas daily.

6. Distracted Driving

Another cause of road crashes is distracted driving. In Dallas, distracted driving caused at least 6,920 car crashes in 2021.

7. Increase in Car Crashes

Another alarming statistic about car wrecks in Dallas is that they have increased by more than 11% since 2018. Over the last ten years, car wrecks in the city have increased by a whopping 49%. In addition, commercial vehicle crashes have increased by at least 10% since 2018.


A car accident lawyer helps you understand your rights, get medical assistance where necessary, and file a lawsuit to ensure you get compensation for the damages suffered. So, if you are a victim of a car crash in Dallas, you should call a car accident lawyer to get help instead of the insurance company.

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