Step and Repeat Banners

During the COVID19 pandemic, digital marketing costs skyrocketed. Platforms like Google and Facebook continue to charge businesses 30% to 40% more for advertising even in the post-pandemic era. That’s why small businesses and marketers are returning to the practice of using traditional, printed marketing materials.

Custom-printed banners, posters, brochures, and other printed marketing materials are making strong comebacks.

According to a recent report, businesses are using these traditional marketing tools to:

  • Gain brand exposure at marketing events, business conferences, etc. At these events, traditional marketing tools like step and repeat banners are still extremely popular.
  • Printed marketing materials give consumers time to read and learn about the brand with thoughtful intent. Unlike digital ads, consumers are not forced to consume brand-related content. If they find a custom-printed banner or brochure appealing, they’ll check it out themselves – no need to force them.
  • Traditional marketing tools like step & repeat banners allow brands to engage with older audiences. Most event attendees over the age of 30 are used to seeing custom-designed steps & repeat banners at events. When they see these banners, they know it’s time to take photographs in front of them.
  • Traditional tools like step & repeat banners help brands cut through the noise in the market in a unique way. Modern-day consumers are tired of digital ads and marketing campaigns. They like it when brands communicate with them via old-school marketing materials like banners and posters.
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These are the reasons why brand leaders are actively using traditional marketing tools like custom-printed steps & repeat banners. Well-designed step & repeat banners can represent your brand in various locations, be it outside stores or at tradeshows. These banners are also typically made of synthetic materials like vinyl/polyester.

These materials are super-durable and resistant to sunlight/moisture damage. That means you can use your step & repeat banners both indoors and outdoors for several years.

When you’re not using your custom banners to promote your brand at events, you can use them as:

  1. Photo Backdrops at Your Store: Why wait for events to take pictures of your customers? Set up your step & repeat banners inside your store or service center. Then, ask your store’s visitors, employees, and customers to pose in front of these banners. If they post these photos on their social media profiles, your brand will receive free exposure.
  2. In-Store Decorations: Is there a dirty or empty wall in your store or office? Cover it up with a custom-printed step & repeat the banner.
  3. Area Dividers: You can use your step & repeat banners to divide areas at events or inside your store. Divide the room or create pathways to direct foot traffic at events or inside your store with these banners. Target customers will see these “room dividers” and spot your brand’s name and logo. You’ll get to direct the crowd while teaching them about your brand’s name.

Step & repeat banners made of vinyl or PVC are super-durable. When you’re not using them at events, use them in these creative ways!

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