Auto Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Due to Nevada’s designation as a “fault state,” the party held accountable for the car accident may be required to pay all related expenses, including medical bills, repairs, rehabilitation, and other costs. Suppose you were caught up in a car accident in Las Vegas. In that case, it is vital to find out who caused the collision and to what degree they were to blame so you can decide who is responsible for any resulting injuries and property damage. Here is a list of those who may be held legally accountable for an automobile accident in Las Vegas.

The other driver

When someone jumps a red light or drives while intoxicated, it is sometimes obvious who is to blame. In these situations, the faulty motorist may be held entirely accountable for the damages.

According to Nevada’s unique traffic accident regulations, comparative negligence may be used when it’s not immediately evident who caused the accident. In other words, the calculation of the case’s overall settlement is based on partial fault. Having an accomplished Las Vegas car accident attorney on your side is crucial since the jury will assess the degree of fault after considering all the evidence.

Bicycle riders and motorcycle riders

Contrary to the widespread assumption that car drivers are always at fault for motorbike and bicycle accidents, the rider may also be liable. As we’ve already covered, Nevada is a comparative negligence state, meaning that if it can be proven that a motorcycle driver or cyclist contributed more to an accident than another party, that person will be held responsible for the accident’s consequences. For instance, a biker will be obliged to pay 80% of all damages if they are found to be at fault and are held to be 80% responsible for the accident.

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Commercial truckers

Trucks, particularly semis, big rig trucks, and other commercial motor vehicles, are responsible for some of the most severe auto accidents. The trucking company, freight company, or maintenance firm connected with the vehicle, as well as most of these trucks’ drivers, may all be held accountable for truck accidents in Nevada.

For instance, if a delivery truck crashes on the highway due to improperly secured cargo in the hold, and it hits another car, seriously injuring and damaging it, the trucking business and the loading company may be held accountable for these expenditures.

Public transportation drivers

Public transit vehicle drivers are frequently employees, and just like in collisions involving commercial trucks, they can be held accountable for the crash together with the transport, maintenance, and contracting companies. These public transit firms frequently have skilled defense teams, just like in litigation and claims involving trucking businesses, who will try to reduce the damages paid out by the company. So it’s best to engage a lawyer in such a case.

The takeaway

These are the familiar parties that may be held liable for car accidents in Las Vegas. Others include the vehicle owner if it is a case of negligent entrustment or the car manufacturers in the issue of a product defect or liability.

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