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An independent medical examination is a procedure an expert physician conducts a detailed physical and mental examination of the person to establish any objective evidence, such as scars from injury, that justifies the complaint.

Why Should I Consider Getting  IME?

An IME can provide more information if there is a disagreement about the severity of an injury. In this case, if it was caused by a motorcycle accident, the IME will provide valuable information to a motorcycle accident lawyer to resolve a personal injury case.

How to Get an IME

First, you must contact your insurance company and request an IME. The insurance company will provide a list of qualified doctors who can perform the examination. Once you have selected a doctor, schedule an appointment and go through the examination process.

The doctor will inquire about your medical history and current condition and will likely perform some physical tests. After the examination, the doctor will provide a report to your insurance company detailing their findings.

When is an Independent Medical Examination Necessary?

IME is necessary when an injured worker’s claim has been accepted by their employer or insurance company, and the company wishes to have the worker examined by their preferred doctor to confirm the extent of the injury. The results of the IME can determine whether or not the worker will receive benefits and how much they will receive.

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How Does an Independent Medical Examination Work?

An independent physician conducts an Independent Medical Examination (IME) without connection to the patient’s doctor or a party in a legal case. The IME doctor’s job is to give an unbiased opinion about the nature and extent of the patient’s injuries based on a review of their medical records and an examination of the patient.

Afterward, the IME doctor writes a report admissible in court to help determine how much money, if any, the injured person should receive from a personal injury settlement.

Benefits of an Independent Medical Examination

The benefits of an IME include the following:

  • A more objective evaluation of the injured worker’s condition – An IME physician is not biased toward either the worker or the employer so that they can provide a more accurate evaluation of the worker’s condition.
  • An expert opinion on the diagnosis and treatment – The IME physician is typically an expert in their field, so their opinion on the diagnosis and treatment can be beneficial in deciding whether or not to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.
  • More information for making a decision – The IME report will provide detailed information about the injured worker’s condition that can be used to make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

If you are considering pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, you may want to consider getting an Independent Medical Examination.


While your insurance company may require an IME, you have some rights when choosing the doctor who will perform the examination. You should consult an experienced attorney before agreeing to an IME to protect your rights.

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