TruGreen, a giant in the lawn care industry, has found itself embroiled in various legal disputes over the years. These lawsuits raise important questions about the company’s practices, including billing discrepancies, alleged damage to property, and even discriminatory behavior by employees.

Unfair Billing?

One of the most prominent legal issues surrounding TruGreen involves allegations of unfair billing practices. A Facebook group dedicated to the lawsuit boasts over 3,500 members, many sharing experiences of incomplete services paired with full-service invoices. The lawsuit alleges that TruGreen employees manipulate billing by manually entering product amounts instead of using a metered system, potentially leading to customers paying for services they never received.

Damage Claims:

Several TruGreen customers have also come forward claiming the company’s services caused damage to their property. These claims range from damage to landscaping and trees to the destruction of entire gardens and vegetation. The lawsuits contend that TruGreen’s technicians are either negligent or improperly trained, leading to the use of excessive chemicals or incorrect application methods.

Racist Tirade:

In a particularly alarming case, a North Carolina couple filed a $100,000 lawsuit against TruGreen after receiving racist text messages from a company employee. The incident occurred after the couple refused lawn care services, and the subsequent harassment left them feeling unsafe and forced them to consider selling their home. This case highlights the potential for discriminatory behavior within the company and raises concerns about TruGreen’s employee training and accountability measures.

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Deceptive Safety Claims:

Beyond Pesticides, a non-profit environmental organization, filed a lawsuit against TruGreen in 2020 challenging the company’s claims about the safety of their chemical treatments. The lawsuit argues that TruGreen misrepresents the potential risks associated with their pesticides, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when many states deemed such services non-essential.

The Future of TruGreen:

These lawsuits paint a concerning picture of TruGreen’s operations. While the company denies any wrongdoing and maintains the legitimacy of its services, the sheer volume of complaints and legal challenges suggests a pattern of questionable practices. It remains to be seen how these lawsuits will be resolved and what impact they will have on TruGreen’s future.


What are the specific allegations against TruGreen?

Unfair billing practices, including discrepancies between services rendered and invoices issued.

Damage to property caused by improper application of chemicals or negligent technicians.

Discriminatory behavior by employees towards customers.

Misrepresentation of the safety of the company’s chemical treatments.

What is the status of the lawsuits against TruGreen?

Several lawsuits remain ongoing, with different courts and stages of litigation.

What are the potential consequences for TruGreen?

The lawsuits could result in significant financial penalties, including damages awarded to plaintiffs and potential fines.

Changes to billing practices, employee training, and safety protocols might be mandated.

TruGreen could face reputational damage and a loss of customer trust.

What should TruGreen customers do?

Be aware of the allegations against the company and review billing statements carefully.

Report any concerns about service quality or damage to property immediately.

Consider alternative lawn care options that prioritize organic methods.

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Where can I find more information about the lawsuits?

The Facebook group “TruGreen Lawn Care | PENDING CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUGREEN, PLEASE READ” offers firsthand accounts and updates.

News articles and legal documents related to the lawsuits can be found online.

How can I contact TruGreen to express my concerns?

Contact information for TruGreen customer service can be found on their website.

You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or relevant government agencies.

By staying informed and holding TruGreen accountable, consumers can help ensure fair and safe practices within the lawn care industry.

2 thoughts on “TruGreen Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

  1. Good morning,

    My neighbor is getting her lawn treated by Trugreen. I’ve noticed that our family pet Alex has been getting sicker with allergies. I need to know is there a current lawyer settle regrading this issue.

  2. I used to work for TruGreen as a manager of one of their largest branches.. I know how they work. I hired them for their tree and shrub treatment. Just finished wiring the exterior landscape of my Florida home. A day after they arrive… I noticed that 10 landscape lights are now dead. I am sure the cut a wire when they did their tree ferritization injection. I had the electricians there the week before just completing and inspecting all the landscape wiring and timers.

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