In 2017, a traffic stop in New Jersey turned into a controversial incident that sparked outrage and a lawsuit worth $900,000. The case of Levine v. New Jersey State Police centers around a young man named Jack Levine and his encounter with Troopers Joseph Drew and Andrew Whitmore.

A Routine Stop Turns Invasive:

Levine was pulled over for suspected tailgating. What followed, however, was far from routine. Trooper Drew, after smelling marijuana in the car, conducted a search that included grabbing Levine’s genitals in full view of passing traffic. This invasive and humiliating act, captured on bodycam footage, ignited public anger and raised questions about police conduct.

The Lawsuit and its Claims:

Levine filed a lawsuit against Troopers Drew and Whitmore, and the New Jersey State Police, alleging assault, battery, and sexual assault. The complaint also stated that Levine was subjected to public humiliation and embarrassment due to the search being conducted in plain sight. The lawsuit sought $700,000 in damages from the troopers and an additional $200,000 from the state.

Public Scrutiny and Internal Investigations:

The incident garnered significant media attention, leading to public outcry and calls for accountability. The New Jersey State Police launched an internal investigation into the matter, and the troopers involved remained on duty pending the outcome.

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The Legal Rollercoaster:

The lawsuit faced legal hurdles, with the Attorney General’s Office arguing it was filed late. However, the court allowed the case to proceed, and a pre-motion conference was scheduled to discuss the possibility of dismissing the claims against the troopers.

The Current Status and Uncertain Future:

As of today, December 6, 2023, the lawsuit remains ongoing. While the outcome is uncertain, the case has sparked important conversations about police practices, individual rights, and the boundaries of acceptable conduct during traffic stops.


What is the current status of the lawsuit?

The lawsuit is ongoing. As of December 6, 2023, no final judgment has been reached.

What are the specific charges against the troopers?

The lawsuit alleges assault, battery, and sexual assault.

What is the amount of damages sought by the plaintiff?

Jack Levine is seeking a total of $900,000 in damages – $700,000 from Troopers Drew and Whitmore, and $200,000 from the New Jersey State Police.

Has there been any disciplinary action taken against the troopers?

The outcome of the internal investigation by the New Jersey State Police is unknown.

What impact has this case had on police procedures?

The case has highlighted the need for clear guidelines and regulations surrounding police searches during traffic stops.

What are the implications of this case for police-citizen relations?

The Trooper Drew and Whitmore lawsuit raises important questions about trust and accountability within law enforcement. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between public safety and individual rights.


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