Before choosing a criminal defense attorney, look at his or her wins. Make sure you have the edge to realize a successful outcome. Check out Zak Goldstein’s criminal defense record first.

1. Murder Defendant Receives Resentencing After Serving Unlawful Prison Term

Attorney Zak Goldstein was able to reduce a 40-year prison sentence for a third-degree murder conviction after showing the court that his defendant was illegally sentenced. The maximum penalty for third-degree murder, at the time of the trial, was 20 years.

However, while the case was in review, legislators increased the penalty for the crime to 40 years. The defendant was sentenced to 40 years, despite the fact that the case was tried under the older law.

The resentencing of the verdict to a 20-year term proves that Philadelphia criminal lawyers, such as Zak Goldstein, are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of their clients.

After a habeas petition was submitted for unlawful imprisonment, the court resentenced the defendant to 20 years. At the time of the hearing, the litigant had already served the required prison time

2. Motion to Suppress Gun Saves Defendant from a 16-Year Prison Sentence

In one landmark decision, the court agreed with an appeal presented by attorney, Zak Goldstein, who said his client should not have had his car searched without a warrant nor should he have been frisked based on police suspicions of marijuana use.

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He said there was no reason to conclude the defendant was involved in a crime nor that he was intending to use a gun to commit a criminal activity. The lawyer won his motion and freed his client from a charge that carried a 16-year prison term.

3. Client Receives Full Acquittal for Rape Charge

Philidelphia attorney, Zak Goldstein, successfully challenged the testimony of a plaintiff in a rape case and won a full acquittal for his client.

During the trial, the prosecution alleged that the defendant had assaulted the 9-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, while his girlfriend was asleep.

The defendant, who was released from state custody, will not have to spend time in prison nor have to register as a sex offender for the alleged allegations.

4. First Degree Murder Charge Dismissed

Philadelphia attorney, Zak Goldstein successfully won a full dismissal for a client charged with first-degree murder. The shooting, which resulted in the death of one victim and injuries to the plaintiff in the case, took place after two other co-defendants got into an altercation with the survivor and decedent.

From video evidence he gathered, attorney, Zak Goldstein, showed that his client was not guilty of perpetuating the homicide or influencing the shooter. The attorney showed that his defendant was in the area of the shooting but was not directly involved.

The judge dismissed the charges against the defendant except for a firearms charge which was later dismissed after Goldstein filed a motion to quash the charge.

5. Motion to Dismiss Won for Drug Trafficking Indictment

Philadelphia attorney, Zak Goldstein, was able to win full dismissal for a client who was charged with drug trafficking or possession with intent to deliver (PWID).

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Goldstein used the doctrine of constructive possession to prove that the prosecution could not show circumstantial evidence that the defendant was guilty of possessing drugs.

In this case, the attorney demonstrated that the client did not behave nervously or say anything that revealed he was trafficking. Goldstein’s motion to quash for PWID was upheld because the prosecution failed to prove the defendant physically had possession of drugs.

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