Divorce Lawyer Consultation

Did you know that there is a divorce occurring somewhere in the US every 36 seconds?

Navigating the divorce process isn’t easy, especially if you and your spouse are going through a bitter split. An experienced divorce attorney can advocate on your behalf. After all, divorce can be a costly action to take.

If you’re wondering if hiring a divorce lawyer is right for your case, you need to do a divorce lawyer consultation first. Here are some questions to ask your divorce attorney before hiring them to handle your personal divorce case.

1. What is Your Track Record in Divorce Cases?

The lawyer should be able to tell you about his or her successes and failures in the past. This should give you a good indication of the attorney’s abilities and also what to expect.

It’s also a good idea to ask divorce lawyers about any areas that they specialize in when it comes to divorce law. Knowing as much as you can ahead of time can help you to make an informed decision.

2. What Is the Process and Timeline for Completing My Divorce?

Your lawyer should be able to discuss the legal procedures for your case and the factors that can influence the timeline. This can include awaiting a court date, the availability of court dates, court backlogs, and more. It is important to understand exactly what is required throughout the process and how long each stage can take.

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In addition, you should also ask about potential roadblocks or challenges that could arise and what to take to anticipate and address them. By having a handle on the process and timeline for your divorce, you will be better prepared to plan for the future.

3. How Much Will This Cost Me?

Determining the cost upfront can help couples know how they will manage the financial aspects of their separation and divorce. Questions to ask about cost include what is the retainer fee, other costs, and to what services these fees will apply.

Additionally, the couple should ask if the divorce attorney offers payment plans, as well as what payment methods and ranges the lawyer accepts. Knowing the cost of the divorce ahead of time can help couples plan their finances in an effective manner.

4. How Will You Argue My Child Custody Claim?

These are complex and emotionally-driven issues and it is important to make sure the lawyer has the best interest of the children in mind. First, it is important to understand how the lawyer views the custody arrangements. Determine if the lawyer typically advocates for joint or sole custody and how they typically approach decisions regarding the well-being of the children.

Having a full understanding of the lawyer’s views and strategy will help both adults understand how they can best approach the difficult issue of custody. Your lawyer should explain how custody will be decided, with whom the child or children will reside, and how often they will be able to see the other parent, if applicable. You should also ask your lawyer what the consequences will be if either parent violates the custody agreement.

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Additionally, it is important to ask how the lawyer intends to approach the issue of child support. In addition, ask your lawyer to explain the process for calculating child support and who is responsible for paying it, plus how often the payments must be made. These questions and considerations are important to understand before initiating legal proceedings.

5. How Will You Handle Property Division?

This is an integral part of the process and you should understand exactly what your rights are and how the division will be accomplished. Start by asking the lawyer to explain any relevant state laws pertaining to the division of property.

You will also want to learn what type of assets will be subject to division and how the court will decide how the assets should be divided. This will help ensure that you get the fairest possible outcome for your divorce.

6. How Can I Protect My Children Throughout the Process?

When considering a divorce, it is important to take into account your children’s needs and feelings. During divorce lawyer consultations, consider asking questions to protect your children as much as possible. Ask the lawyer for an opinion on how changes to family dynamics might affect your children.

Try to find out if there will be a need to obtain services from a mental health provider and what the chances of a successful negotiation are. Your lawyer should be able to provide advice to help your children through the process in the most effective way possible. Ensure that any decisions made are in the best interests of the children and implemented for the benefit of all involved.

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7. What Can I Expect in Terms of Alimony or Spousal Support?

When meeting with a divorce lawyer, it is important to ask the right questions to make the most of the consultation. When it comes to alimony and spousal support, there are many questions to ask to understand what to expect.

First, you should inquire about the laws of the state regarding alimony and spousal support. Also, the lawyer should be able to explain the factors involved in awarding spousal support. He/She should be able to provide expected outcomes of various scenarios.

Finally, it is useful to ask about the steps involved in obtaining alimony or spousal support if applicable. By understanding all of the above, you will be better prepared to face divorce proceedings.

Ask the Right Questions During a Divorce Lawyer Consultation

Divorce can be a complicated process with many legal considerations. It is important to ask the right questions during a divorce lawyer consultation to ensure the necessary information is gathered.

To make sure you get the best outcome, ensure to raise important topics such as property division, child custody, and spousal support. Schedule your consultation today to maximize your chances of a favorable resolution.

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