Divorce Lawyer in Utah

Choosing to end your marriage after going through a divorce is never an easy choice. Divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City know that although Utah is formally a no-fault state when it comes to divorce; there are certain statutory grounds for divorce and other marital problems that may arise out of the marriage. In the state of Utah, you may have grounds for divorce based on abuse, adultery or desertion, among others.

Divorce Lawyer in Utah

A divorce lawyer Salt Lake City will be able to help you decide if you are fit to file for a divorce case in your area. If the answer is yes, they will help you file the necessary paperwork and get you the divorce that you are looking for. The first thing that a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City will do is to gather information about your couple and what happened during the marriage.

Custody of the children

In the state of Utah, the law regarding divorce is different in a few areas. One of these is regarding custody. When you file for divorce in Utah, you must state a reason for doing so, whether it is to seek joint custody or sole custody of the children. If you have joint custody, the court will then make a custody order. And if you have sole custody, the court will make a custody order that assigns the spouse with the children to reside with the divorcing parent and also requires the former spouse to pay child support unless the court finds that the parent is unfit.

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If you are seeking sole custody, you will need to hire an attorney who has handled this type of cases in the past. Attorneys who work with only the couple as their legal counsel may not be as knowledgeable about the law and may actually do more harm than good. These types of attorneys are best suited to handle situations outside of the state, such as immigration, where federal laws require joint legal custody. The court system in Utah will try to keep the custody situation as fair as possible because it is important for the children to have both parents. A divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City can help you get custody of your children if the union is not dissolved properly.


In some cases, such as those where alimony is involved, it is better for the divorcing spouses to seek a modification to the original agreement. A spousal support award may become significantly larger if one party is awarded too much spousal support. Modifying a divorce proceeding for the purpose of spousal support is referred to as an “order of adjustment.” An order of adjustment may be sought by either party or the court, but is usually granted by the court after hearing both sides of the case.

Restraining order

In some divorce cases, one spouse moves out of the state while the other spouse is awarded visitation rights. If the spouse who moves out of the state doesn’t have the funds to pay for attorney fees, he or she may ask for a temporary restraining order that prohibits the other spouse from coming back to the state. This type of order, called a “restraining order,” is granted by a judge and is effective once it is entered into the court system.

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If you have a family law case that involves a divorce or other legal matter, it’s always wise to seek the advice of a Utah divorce attorney. There are many Utah divorce lawyers who work privately on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only charge you if they win your case and you get the amount of money you were seeking. contingency fee attorneys are great if you expect that you will not be at home during the entire court process. They can also be very helpful if you need to retain several attorneys to represent different sides of your divorce. If you hire an attorney to work on a contingency fee basis, they don’t charge any legal fees until they win the case for you to agree to a settlement.

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