Causes of Brain Injuries in Children and Adolescents

Brain injuries can pose intellectual, emotional, and physical challenges to children and adolescents. Sadly, many children in the US experience traumatic brain injury that can have devastating effects. What are the leading causes, and is it necessary to hire an attorney to handle a TBI case after a car accident or fall? Let’s find out.

What do statistics say about brain injuries?

Brain injuries among teenagers are more popular than you think. According to a significant study by CDC (centers for disease control and Prevention), 640,000 emergency visits were recorded in 2013. Of the total visits, 18000 victims were hospitalized, and 1500 deaths were recorded. The most affected were children up to the age of 14.

Cause of brain injuries

There are numerous causes of brain injuries and many results in concussions. The top causes of concussions in children and adolescents infographic are car accidents and falls. Below is a list of the most prevalent cause of TBI among children and adolescents.


Falls are a typical contributor to TBI in children and adolescents. These falls might occur at school or at home. According to some studies, falls cause 54% of TBI-related hospitalizations and fatalities in children between the ages of one and fourteen. Between 2001 and 2013, over 139,001 young children (0–4 years old) were treated annually in American emergency rooms for fall-related TBI.

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Vehicle accidents

Auto car accidents are another cause of TBI for children and adolescents. Most car accidents involve crashes that lead to rollovers. This way, your head might be at risk. Although some vehicles have designed seats to protect the kid, studies show that the seats are ineffective mostly if the vehicle is overspeeding.


In the United States, 283000 teenagers aged 18 or younger visit emergency rooms annually for head injury checkups. Most of them sustain brain injuries from recreational exercises and sports. Some activities associated with the injuries include basketball, football, and bicycling. Mostly, boys are the most affected by physical activities.

Reasons why you need a skilled lawyer for personal injury claims

Handling an injury claim can be complex if you lack the right skills and knowledge. However, personal injury attorneys can guide you through the process. Check out these reasons why you should get in touch with a lawyer.


Personal injury attorneys are experienced and possess the right skills to guide you throughout the process. Your process might be complex if you’ve never been in the field again. You need the right communication skills and hacks to interact with other parties. This is where lawyers come in handy. Handling injury claims is their specialization; thus, they have the right strategies.

Save time and money

Hiring a lawyer saves you a lot of time and money. You need the proper papers and other information to file a claim. This way, understanding what to collect can be challenging for an ordinary. A lawyer knows the whole process and can ease the process by gathering all necessary resources, thus saving you time and cash in the long run.

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Bottom line

Brain injuries among children and adolescents are common in the US. Such occurrences have a significant impact on teenagers’ lives. The guide above provides essential data about brain injuries, their causes, and why you need an attorney for a brain-related injury.

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