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First things first, you don’t need to have an attorney in arbitration. For the unversed, arbitration is an alternative to litigation, where a third-party arbitrator oversees everything. If you are signing an arbitration agreement, you should consider consulting an attorney to understand how your decision to waive your right to sue can affect your situation. Here are some key reasons why you need to hire an arbitration agreement lawyer.

Your rights are at stake.

If you don’t have an attorney representing you in arbitration proceedings, you may not fully understand the consequences of the outcome. In binding arbitration, there is no way that you can appeal or take a second chance.

Presenting your case could be a challenge.

More often than not, there are statutes that apply to certain claims, especially those concerning employment discrimination and contract breaches. You may find it tough to create an argument without legal help.

Level the playing round.

It is known that large entities, banks, financial institutions, companies, and facilities often have arbitration clauses, which prevent the other party from filing a lawsuit. Even when you think that your options are limited, your arbitration lawyer can help you discover the best legal options.

You need support.

If the other party is well aware of the arbitration process and knows the arbitrators, you are essentially fighting a legal battle against a corporate lawyer who probably has years of experience behind them. Having an attorney can improve your chances and gives you confidence during the process.

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You can avoid disputes.

As we mentioned, it is ideal to consult an attorney before you sign an arbitration agreement. The eventual goal is to stay away from trouble, but with a lawyer reviewing terms and conditions, you will have a better idea of possible circumstances and likely outcomes.

Hiring the right arbitration agreement lawyer

The good news is most arbitration agreement lawyers will be happy to offer free consultations. Meet potential lawyers to know what they can do for you and whether they have experience handling similar matters. You should also consider the attorney’s fee and the types of cases they typically accept.

Also, you can ask for references or check online to find social media reviews. There’s no denying that arbitration agreements are inherently confusing, but you don’t have to sign on the dotted line unless you are entirely aware of the content. Meet a lawyer now!

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