Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa is a type of resident permit that is issued to Non-EU nationals who have €5000, 000 investments in the economy of the country. Golden Visa is officially known as the Spain investor visa. In this article, I am going to tell you the requirements for a Spain Golden Visa. So, read this article from start to end to know about the requirements to apply for Spain Golden Visa.

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Requirements for a Spain Golden Visa

The requirements for applicants to apply for a Spanish Golden Visa are mentioned below:

  • Applicant must have the proof of the investment that they made
  • Applicant must be over age of 18 years
  • Applicant must obtain a valid “Health Insurance” in Spain
  • Applicant should have enough financial sources to support him and family members
  • Applicant must have clear criminal history at any place they live before
  • Applicant must not be a part of the Spain’s list of unwanted people
  • Applicant must not rejected for Schengen Visas

If you fulfill all the above requirements, you can apply for Golden Visa in Spain

What documentation do I need for a Spain Golden Visa?

If you want to apply for Spain Golden Visa then you should submit following documents with your application:

  • A Visa Application for long stay in Spain
  • Two passport photos
  • A valid passport that is issued within the last ten years
  • A certificate of clear criminal record from the country where you have lived in previous five years
  • Documents that proof your investment and detail of the sources of money for investment
  • Health insurance from Spanish licensed insurance company
  • Document that proves you have sufficient amount of money to support yourself or any family member
  • Document that prove financial dependence of any family member if you have any
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What are the advantages of a Spain Golden Visa?

The major advantages that you can get by Spanish Golden Visa are as follows:

With the golden Visa:

  • you and your family member will get residence permit that allows you to live in Spain
  • You and your family members can travel to all the Schengen Countries without Visas
  • You can visit Spain anytime even if the country’s borders are closed for tourism
  • Golden Visa allows you to be a permanent Spanish residence after five years
  • Investor’s children are eligible to study in Spain
  • You and your family members can get quality medical services in the clinics throughout the Schengen Countries

What taxes are there for a Spain Golden Visa?

The taxes that you need to pay in Spain with golden visa are mentioned bellow:

  • You must pay “income tax” for the income you generate both in Spain and in other country
  • You need to pay “Capital Gain Tax” if you make any profit by selling your asset like company share that moves 19% to 23%
  • You need to pay “Wealth Tax” but it is applied to highly significant assets. This tax can vary relying on the region where you live in Spain

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