InventHelp Lawsuit

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5 thoughts on “InventHelp Lawsuit – Invent Help Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I was scammed out of 33,000 from Inventhelp. all I received was a patent. I was promised to have my product reviewed by potential consumers and licensing agents , published in 2-3 magazines and have my product in a large databank that a certain amount of potential clients would review over a period of time. Needless to say, 10 years later and one trade show later( an additional 1200.00 dollars later, no results, call backs, or nothing. I never stopped calling requesting updates to databanks, because I was never able to contact anyone that was listed.

  2. My name is elamin moore and I PAYED 10,000 dollars into so something I was doing this been about three years my email address not working right and I don’t know who to contact. So maybe I don’t know what to do and please have great one and thanks and

  3. I paid 17,000 to invent help and have been let down in every single way. How do you join the class action suit against inventhelp?

  4. this company should not still be in business. I was scammed as well of about $18000 back in 2008 and I am yet to receive even a patent, a return call, even an acknowledgement of my file.

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