InventHelp Lawsuit – Invent Help Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. I was scammed out of 33,000 from Inventhelp. all I received was a patent. I was promised to have my product reviewed by potential consumers and licensing agents , published in 2-3 magazines and have my product in a large databank that a certain amount of potential clients would review over a period of time. Needless to say, 10 years later and one trade show later( an additional 1200.00 dollars later, no results, call backs, or nothing. I never stopped calling requesting updates to databanks, because I was never able to contact anyone that was listed.

  2. My name is elamin moore and I PAYED 10,000 dollars into so something I was doing this been about three years my email address not working right and I don’t know who to contact. So maybe I don’t know what to do and please have great one and thanks and

  3. I paid 17,000 to invent help and have been let down in every single way. How do you join the class action suit against inventhelp?

  4. George Evans inventhelp took $ 10.000.00 from me

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