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If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, it is not unreasonable to consider the possibility that you may not file a claim right away. This may be because you are overwhelmed by what happened, have turned your life upside down dealing with your injuries and constant visits to medical providers, and have been unable to find any free time to handle the legal aspects of your case. If this has happened to you, it is recommended that you reach out to Meyers Injury Law in Nashville, TN to schedule an initial consultation, talk about your case, and understand your legal options moving forward.

Check the Policy

Whether you are filing a claim with your own insurance policy or the one from whoever is responsible for your injuries, you should make every attempt to file the claim as soon as reasonably possible after the accident happened. However, it may be worth your time to check the specific policy terms.

You may discover that the insurance company wants you to report the accident as soon as it happens, which means roughly within 30 days. When it comes to filing the claim, the company may not have a time limit established while others may give you up to 3 years to file a claim for bodily injury.

Working with a skilled accident attorney will help ensure that you do not miss any deadlines and that all paperwork is filed properly and on time. If you end up filing a lawsuit if the insurance company is denying or undervaluing your claim, you will likely only have 2 years from the day of the accident to do so, according to most states’ statutes of limitations.

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Are There Steps You Can Take to Safeguard Your Legal Rights?

There are certain steps you should take immediately after the accident, preferably and if your injuries allow it, while you are still at the scene. These are some of them:

Call 911

It is important to do two things at this time: call 911 and request the authorities to come and file a report and never leave the accident scene no matter how insignificant you believe the accident to be. Request a copy of the police report for the insurance company and for your attorney.

Exchange Information

Get all the information about the other driver. This includes their contact details, their insurance policy number, their driver’s license, and the make, model, year, and license plate of the car.

Document the Scene

Take pictures of yourself and your injuries, of the damage to the cars and their position on the road, and of anything you believe might have contributed to the crash. Write down everything that happened so that you will not forget any important details and, if there are any witnesses, get their testimonies and contact information as well.

Get Medical Attention

It is essential to prioritize your health and get a checkup as soon as possible. Your doctor may discover hidden injuries that may jeopardize your health if untreated.

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